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This is a pic of Ian and NZ Rugby legend (Apparently) Tane Norton at Linwood in Christchurch ,New Zealand!

This is a little montage and you can see Tane in the protrait which Ian photographed while he was in Linwood Rugby Club, Christchurch. So you can quite clearly see it is the same man.( For those of you with doubts.) He was all black captain ( tane not Ian,though Ian has all the aptitudes needed to be All black captain,barring skill,power,stamina, leadership and 100% Scottishness which he feels held him back from acquiring that post.)from '63 to '66 or thereabouts. (Ian had been drinking heavily when given this information)

This is the "other" Linwood team in the changing rooms after they had beaten some crap team. They actually had a Keg of beer in the changing rooms!! A BLINKIN' KEG Wi' GAS AND EVERYTHING!So Ian was forced to sample a number of pints. Ian says "A lovely bunch of Kiwi drunken bums. "

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