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Linwood Rugby

We are a Local club in Scotland about 10 miles west of Glasgow and some would say the true home of Scottish rugby (After heavy bouts of alcoholic refreshment).

  • This seasons (and all the other seasons) Match reports etc,etc...

  • Click here to see the Various now Famous ex-Linwood players who have , erm...gone on to international stardom.

  • Click here if you're interested in pulling on the Amber and Black of Linwood!

  • Linwood squad info.

  • If you're new to rugby union, click here for a basic look at the rules and tools of rugby union...

  • Speaking of tools...Clicking here will take you to Ian's adventures in Linwood, New Zealand.

  • Click here for some Linwood pix from the site

  • Here for Legendary Linwood songs etc,etc..

  • Rugby linx....

  • The Linwood Museum(free entry for handicapped,juveniles,unemployed and OAPS)

  • Read The Linwood Rugby Guestbook!

  • Please sign The Linwood Rugby Guestbook!

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