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You heard it right. An entire foundation dedicated to the fact that Lieutenant Commander Leonard Horatio McCoy M.D. of the Starship Enterprise NCC-1701 is a very sexy, very sensual man and deserves to be written into as many stories where he's romantically involved as possible. He's often overlooked by many trekkies, which is unfortunate, so this foundation set out to remedy that. Now, sex, you wonder, what do you mean by that? He's getting a little piece of the action is what we mean. Sure, the stories themselves don't have to have it in detail, just the implication, he's in love, he's involved, that sort of thing. Because with his Southern charm, good bedside manner, obvious compassion for all living creatures, his intelligence and his sense of humor, there's no reason for the ladies, and the gentlemen, not to go out of their way to seek out his favors. So, here's to the state of Leonard McCoy, whose blue eyes and gentle smile have melted many a heart.

Len Horatio McCoy