Production Credits
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The Motion Picture
Based on the book by Frank Herbert, Presented by Dino De Laurentiis

Production Credits:

A David Lynch film
Screenplay by David Lynch
Edited by Antony Gibbs
Mechanical Special Effects by Kit West
Special Photographic Effects by Barry Nolan
Additional Visual Effects by Albert Whitlock
Creature Created by Carlo Rambaldi
Music by Toto
Prophecy Theme by Brian Eno
Costume Design by Bob Ringwood
Production Design by Anthony Masters
Director of Photograhy Freddie Francis
Associate Producer Jose Lopez Rodero
Produced by Raffaella De Laurentiis
Directed by David Lynch
Copyright 1984 Dino De Laurentiis Corporation
MCA Universal Home Video Inc Copyright 1997
2 Hrs. 17 Min. PG-13
Stereo Surround
Closed Captioned
Digitally Recorded.

Available from Columbiahouse, Inc. At least, it used to be.