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Official Sites


This is the official Shogakukan site.  This is the wonderful company that runs both Sho-Comi and Flower Comics, and much more.  They are responsible for publishing Yuu Watase's IMADOKI in a bi-weekly magazine and into a Tankouban.  Japanese and English Only


This is the official Sho-Comi site.  It has all of the official release dates for Sho-Comi magazines and Tankouban.  It also has nice wallpaper for you're desktop.  Japanese Only.

General Information

School Day's Revolution

This is an informative site.  Its got very nice IMADOKI e-postcards and good images of furuku stuff that I really want from Sho-Comi...sniff.



This site has a KAWAII animated Tanpopo watering flowers! It also has character descriptions, summary, and translations.  But its been a while since the last update.

This cool web mistress is from the ImadokiML.  It has a very nice design and mascot!  She has a summary, character descriptions, and the most complete link page that I've seen.


This site has a nice design.  Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated in a very long time.

IMADOKI Revoulziove a scuola! 

  This is the first known Italian IMADOKI site that I know of....or at least I believe that its in Italian.  Anyways, its got stationary and some images.  Tres Bien!

Imadoki Revolution 

This Site is under construction.

Character Shrines

Lunatic-chan's Imadoki Shrine

This site is under construction.

Manga Translations

Tetris no Miko's Translations

She offers the only known translations of IMADOKI up to volume 13; however, you can no longer get her translations for volume on the site.  Instead you must email her for the manuscript.  

Image Galleries


 A small Imadoki site that has tons of images of Sho-Comi covers and color sheets.

Fan Clubs


IMADOKI 2000~Dandelions

This is a very cool site.  It offers membership to the first IMADOKI Fan Club! There is a character adoption center, fan art gallery, and image gallery.


This is a fan club located on Yahoo.  Its basically a message board.

Mailing Lists


Nice group of people who talk about IMADOKI periodically.  Its located on Yahoo Groups.    Come and join the fun!

The Ultimate IMADOKI ML

This is a relatively new ML runned by Kouki no Miko (the same web mistress of Poplar's Den).  Its also located on Yahoo Groups.

Link to Me

The Gardening Committee: 

A Kouki Kun Fan Club


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