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04.08.01    I have just added a newest summary to the page thanks to Himiko Chan!!!  Its from Sho-comi 9 and its act 25.  It almost seems as if the story is about to end soon!  I hope not.  Otherwise I would not have anything to do sniff sniff.  Please Watase Sama, at least 5 Tankouban!!  Don't end at 4!!!


(Editor's Note: Please do not assume that IMADOKI is ending soon based on the above paragraph!  Its just my speculations, nothing official mind you.)


4.04.04    After a long absence from the web page, I have returned.  I've given the index pages a face lift that its needed very badly.  I've added the newest color picture from Sho-Comi and added summaries 23 and 24.

3.01.01    I have decided to move my site to in order to get more free space for this ever growing site of mine.  *sigh* Well in club news, we have a new member...Stephanie from HK!!  In the fan art page, I have a new picture Kouki kun in the gallery by Evette.

02.26.01-old stuff

I have added both Himiko-chan and my summaries for:

2.24.01    We have a new member in the Kou Ki Reta Club!  Salutations  Pearlyn!!

I updated the Links Page to include:

I also added the photo album and Tankouban #3 to the shopping & goods page.

I have added the new color image from Sho-Comi # 5 and the images from the furuku in the image gallery.

2.20.01    Okay, here's the latest IMADOKI news.  I believe that the newest Sho-Comi should be out sometime this week.  Not the mention that the 3rd Tankouban will also be available at the end of this month.

As for as updates with The Gardening Committee, I have joined the 1st IMADOKI Web ring.  There are only three sites on the ring right now, but it should grow.  I have also posted the summary of issue #20, which is the same that I placed on the ML.  Eventually, I will have summaries of the whole series.

2.11.01    WOW over 1000 hits!! Thanks for the support!  Okay, so its been awhile since I have done any major updates, gomen!  But school and college application stuff comes before the fan page unfortunately.  Well to start off, the members of the Kouki-kun Fan Club have voted to change the Kouki fan club into a Kouki and Aoi Club.  So the new club name is: The Kou Ki Reta Club kawaii desu ne.(cute isn't it?)  There have been 2 new members who have joined.  In other news, the newest Sho-Comi #5 is out in Japan. There is a new wall paper courtesy of Anime Desktop.

2.08.01    Okay, the newest thing to happening with the site is the Kouki-kun fan club message board.  I set it up on  Now, this club is actually doing something rather then being just a nice little member list.

1.27.01 I have made a few changes to the first page.  I've decide to get rid of the music.  And I have changed the greeting. Right now I am debating whether or not to Aoi in the fan club or to even give him a separate fan club. ^_^. 

1.25.01 There is a new member  in the Kouki-kun Fan Club!!!

1.17.01 After an emailed tip, I have added a couple of more online merchants to the shopping page.  Vesta emailed me three fan arts, which I have posted on the new fan art page.  I have also fixed a few broken links.

1.10.01 I have added a download page for some custom Imadoki background...pretty cool, huh?

1.9.01 I have added another member to the fan club, who suggested putting a fan art section...perhaps.. (well see).

1.6.01 Okay, right now I have added a new member to the fan club and am fixing a few glitches in the page.

1.2.01 Well, its night and the moon is bright...just fixing all of the bloopers that I found this morning after I published it.  Here's one good note, I got my first award...coolness!!  Now, I must find a new counter for the site, but that makes me sad because I was up to 300 + people...I guess then that I must start all over again.  Today, I am officially on Anipike !!!

1.1.01 <---WOW how often does a day like 1.1.01 every happen...   ONCE IN A CENTURY.  Coolness!!  Anyways, I am working till the wee hours of the first day of 2001 fixing this site.  I've finished the character page, the fan fics, image gallery, the main page, the shopping page, etc.. Hopefully, before 3AM I can finish one of the visual summaries.  Wait and See, they'll be very nice once its done.

12.28.00  As you can see, The Gardening Committee received a make over!  I have changed the entire theme, mainly because I was very board and sick of the old version.  Well, I 've also decided to add visual summaries and a shopping & goods guide

12.26.00 After much discussion with Club Member, Sonya, I have decided to add a fan fiction page to the site.  She has sent me the prologue and first chapter to her story "Method to the Madness".  Its about the cause of Aoi's insanity.

12.20.00 Well, I've created another gardening tip, changed the image gallery to a manga scan page.  Hopefully, this will evolve into a visual summary's page as soon as I learn how translate Japanese adequately.  I am also a little bit tired of listen to Hikaru Utada's First Love midi on the first page, so I've changed it X Japan's Forever Love.  For those of you attached to the first midi, don't worry I'll alternate them.

12.19.00    Okay, now that I have official left school for winter break, I have taken the liberty to make some adjustments to the site.  To Start off, I've completely fixed the character page by adding more pictures and biographies.  And boy, did that project take a lot of time.  The membership in the fan club, is slowly increasing ^_^.  I met a girl who wants to write fan fics for IMADOKI, which I will post on this site.  

12.03.00    I have completely changed the join page by getting a free guest book and using that as the members and join page.  there! problem solved.  I also fixed the officer's page and made a logo for the fan club.

12.01.00    I have finally discovered how to return the join page back to its original form.  I am also going to terminate "The Garden Club" IMADOKI mailing list because it kind of sucks!

11.29.00    Thanks to Ana aka Kouki no Miko's idea, I have fixed the join page and linked it to the The Garden Committee Mailing List @ egroups.  Coolness!

11.11.00    After some thought, I have decided to change the IMADOKI Fan Club to a Kouki-Kun fan club.  I corrected the character page.  added some more pictures.  I also installed the midi for Hikaru Utada's First Love on the index page.

11.10.00    After a few hours of sleep, I awoke only to continue building the site.  There were some bloopers here and there, but everything is under control.  I scanned some more images from the first Tankoubon.

11.09.00    The birth of THE GARDENING COMMITTEE!!!    Basically, I stayed up till the wee hours in the morning setting up the site on Front Page 2000, obtaining some web space at AT FREE WEB.COM 

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