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Name: Yamazaki Tanpopo 

Age: 15

Home: Hokkaido

Goal: To become Kouki-Kun's friend

Past times: Making friends, helping others, and gardening.

Love Interest: Kouki

Notes: Technically speaking, her name means dandelion (in the tradition of the flower theme).

            Her favorite phrase is "nyo".

Look alike Character: She looks a lot like Aya (after the hair cut grew out a bit). 

Our young heroine leaves her home in Hokkaido to go to school in Tokyo.  In all of Meio School history, she is the first student to ever enter by passing an examination.  Thus, she immediately becomes the school outcast.  She is looked down upon and bullied by other students.  Her desk and books are scribbled with graffiti.  Despite those hardship, she is always smiling, optimistic, and cheerful.


Name: Kugyou Kouki

Age: 15

Home: Tokyo

Past Times: Gardening

Love Interest: Tanpopo and Erika (fiancÚ)

Notes: He seems to have a split personality from stone cold to extremely corny about flowers!

Look Alike Character:  He is a combo of Tooya & Yuuhi. (good mix!)

Our hero is the big man on campus.  He has a bit of a split personality from being cold hearted to being kind and gentle.  He loves to garden in the wee early mornings at school and in his private green house on his mansion estate.  In the beginning, he does not believe in friendship, because the entire student body Kisses His Ass!! because of his prestigious and illustrious name.  Its Tanpopo's genuine feelings that changes his heart.  


Name: Saionji Tsukiko

Age: 15

Home: Tokyo

Past Times: Plotting how to marry Kouki

Love Interest: Kouki (for the sole purpose of gaining wealth and power)

Notes: She's a power & money hungry vixen who wants Kouki !!

Look Alike Character: hmmm...tough one, I would say an adult version of Chidori!


Saionji was the first of Tanpopo's classmates to even attempt to be nice and friendly; however, being the manipulative girl that she is, there is method to her madness!  Basically, she uses Tanpopo to get closer to Kouki-Kun.  Still I think that Tanpopo changes her evil heart to a semi-evil heart.  She often fights with Aoi over various things, but hey that's what comic relief is for.




Name: Poplar

Age: unknown (anybody know fox years?)

Home: Where ever Tanpopo goes, he is sure to follow

Past Times: Hanging out with Tanpopo, being protective of Tanpopo

Love Interest: Perhaps a female fox back at the farm (note* just speculation)

Notes: He has some pretty funny faces, like when he's pissed at Kouki!

Look Alike Character: A strange, yet fitting crossover of Chichiri and Tama-Chan (the FY cat)


Poplar is Tanpop's trust sidekick, her partner in crime as she revolutionized the school!  He is always at Tanpopo's side, giving her moral support in his foxy way.  While Tanpopo is at school, he stay in the apartment building and does whatever foxes do on their free time.


Name: Kyougaku Aoi

Age: 15

Home: Tokyo

Past Times: Computer hacking, entering into at state of insanity, having fun with a knife

Love Interest: unknown

Notes: Insane Maniac <----nuff said!

Look Alike Character: uhmm....A Tusuki like character...perhaps.  (anybody have a better idea?)


Aoi or Kirata to his friends, he is one sick boy with too much time on his hands.  A part-time computer hacker and gardener by day, then with darkness covers the earth, he becomes a full-time hacker and knife specialist (don't ask, cause I don't know, nor do I think anyone should know.)  He is basically another comic relief just like Saionji only instead of boy hunting, he wrecks havoc and chaos throughout the school because he wants to be expelled.  He hates his parents for forcing him to that school, so he'll do anything to get out.


Name: Uchimura Arisa

Age: 15

Home: Tokyo

Past Times: "Playing" with boys, wearing dark makeup, partying, drinking

Love Interest: Ogata for a well as some other random people.

Notes: As according to Kouki-Kun, she is a rare species known as a Ganguro 

           (a fashionable person who dyes her hair blond, tans herself black, paints white make on her face, etc.)

Look Alike Character: There ain't NO other Watase character like her!


Uchimura was originally known as Ogata's stalker that Tanpopo had to expose of in order to officially from her Gardening Club.  In actual fact, she was trying to contact Ogata because she was 3 months pregnant with his baby.  With the help of Tanpopo, she was able to approach Ogata with the problem.  He gave her money to have an abortion, THE END.  Later she joins forces with Tanpopo and the gang and gardens to her hearts content.



Name: Ogata

Age: 15

Home: Tokyo

Past Times: Student Council, 

Love Interest: formerly Uchimura, presently Tanpopo

Notes: He is nothing more then a womanizing asshole!  

            Apparently he has gotten more then one girl pregnant and funded their abortions.

Look Alike Character: Sadly, this jerk looks like the wonderful songbird, Shuro


Ogata is basically a mortal enemy of Kouki because the student body follows him more then the student council.  On his free time, he sleeps around with a lot of girls.  When Tanpopo approached him for permission to form the gardening club, he gave her the option of either being his girlfriend or getting rid of Uchimura.  In the end, Tanpopo gives him a piece of her mind (not large band aid on left cheek).



Name: Yanahara Erika

Age: unknown

Home: Tokyo

Love Interest: Kouki's older brother (former fiancÚ)

Notes: She is physically and mentally unstable because Kouki's elder brother abandoned her.

            Now she clings to Kouki like duct tape to any surface.

Look Alike Character: I wish I knew since I lack any picture of this mysterious fiancÚ


Erika and Kouki's older brother were childhood sweethearts.  When they were young, their parents arranged their marriage in order to create a union between their powerful families.  Since she was abandoned, she has been very ill and literally depends on Kouki as some kind of life support.



Name: Kugyou Yoji

Age: unknown

Home: unknown

Love Interest: Erika

Look Alike Character:  A very rugged version of Horihori with shorter hair


This name less boy ran off three years ago leaving his family responsibilities, his fiancÚ, his family fortune to his younger brother who doesn't want any of it.  Apparently, Kouki has been desperately searching for this lost soul in order to give everything back to him.  He was last spotted in Hokkaido, which leads the entire gardening club on a grand tour of Hokkaido searching for him.



Name: Sakata San

Age: unknown

Past Times: Works as Kouki's personal servant, singing

Love Interest: none

Notes: This guy likes to sing in the car very loudly.

Look Alike Character: I don't believe that there is any character like him.  

I suppose that you could place him in the same category as Q-Chan from AnC except without the sausage lips.


Not much to say, rather he's pretty funny when Kouki yells at him.


Name: Poppy and Corn

Age: unknown

Home: Hokkaido

Past Times: unknown

Love Interest: not a clue

Notes: They are identical to poplar except that one wears a bandana around its neck 

            and the other wears one around its wrist.

Look Alike Character: Poplar


Not much know about these two except that they like to sleep on top of Kouki along with Poplar




Name: Oba-chan [Tanpopo's grandmother]

Age: who knows?

Home: Hokkaido

Pastimes: Unknown

Love Interest: Grandpa

Notes: She appears to be a very nice old lady.  She is also one of Tanpopo's legal guardians ever since her parents passed away.

Name: Oji-chan [Tanpopo's grandpa]

Age: unknown

Home: Hokkaido

Past Times: He usually scares unsuspecting teenagers with his scary face.

Love Interests: Grandpa loves Grandma and Grandma loves Grandpa.

Notes: He's the only known person to make the stone-faced Kouki coward with fear!!

He is also one of Tanpopo's legal guardians ever since her parents passed away.

Look alike character: Taitsukun from FY aka the really ugly lady that disgusted Hortohori.


Names: Hokkaido Friends

Ages: Unknown

Home: Hokkaido

Past Times: Working in a mass mob when greeting people

Love Interest: Who knows?

Notes: These people operate as one solid group, that is until I can get some specific names.


These people are Tanpopo's old friends from junior high, before she went to Meio School in Tokyo.  They seem like a nice bunch, just a little weird.



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