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Kin Kora Chess Club

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Fourth McDonald's Tournament - September 2001

Best Boy: David Johnston.  Best Girl: Danielle Johnston.

A group 1st James Forsyth 2nd Jess Farber 3rd Benjamin Dudarko
B group 1st Luke Wagner 2nd Shannon Pink 3rd Kimberley Kirby
C group 1st Tim Work 2nd Michael Cameron 3rd Ben Jones
D group 1st Jonathan Bush 2nd James Lee 3rd Michael Lee
E group 1st Ashley Houghton 2nd Brendan Rooney 3rd Con Wilks
F group 1st Callum Biggs 2nd Rachel Kirby 3rd Chris Smith
Unrated 1st Michael White


Mackay Open - August 4&5

1 Sculac, Bero 1847 5.5  8:W 7:W 3:D 6:W 2:W 4:D 5:D
2 Betts, Terry 1694 5.5  16:W 6:W 5:W 4:W 1:L 3:D 7:W
3 Hellman, Oscar 1581  5
11:W 10:W 1:D 14:W 4:D 2:D 6:D
4 Tompkins, Glen 1644  5
20:W 17:W 9:W 2:L 3:D 1:D 10:W
5 Moshenko, Kateryna 1412  4.5
12:W 13:W 2:L 18:W 7:L 8:W 1:D
6 Olsen, Noel 1571 4.5 
19:W 2:L 15:W 1:L 18:W 13:W 3:D
7 Davis, Norm 1492 4 
18:W 1:L 14:L 19:W 5:W 11:W 2:L
8 Arthur, David 4 
1:L 11:W 18:L 15:W 14:W 5:L 13:W
9 Stent, Darren 4 
13:D 12:W 4:L 10:D 11:L 18:W 14:W
10 Long Hong, Stan 1250 3.5 
15:W 3:L 17:D 9:D 13:D 16:W 4:L
11 Derry, Geoff 3.5 
3:L 8:L 12:D 20:W 9:W 7:L 19:W
12 Lutz, Gary 1041 3.5 
5:L 9:L 11:D 16:L 20:W 19:W 17:W
13 Wagner, Luke 887 3 
9:D 5:L 16:W 17:W 10:D 6:L 8:L
14 Gordon, Grahame 1038 3 
17:L 19:W 7:W 3:L 8:L 15:W 9:L
15 McPaul, Barry 3 
10:L 16:W 6:L 8:L 19:W 14:L 18:W
16 Bartel, Mathew 2.5 
2:L 15:L 13:L 12:W 17:W 10:L 20:D
17 Shanahan, Brad 2.5 
14:W 4:L 10:D 13:L 16:L 20:W 12:L
18 Humphreys, Francis 2 
7:L 20:W 8:W 5:L 6:L 9:L 15:L
19 Hanson, Luke 1 
6:L 14:L 20:W 7:L 15:L 12:L 11:L
20 Corlett, Daniel .5 
4:L 18:L 19:L 11:L 12:L 17:L 16:D



Latest results: Kin Kora Best Player Challenge

(Held July 22, 2001, Kin Kora State School)

By Kin Kora Junior Chess co-ordinator Darryl Kirby

A good turn up from students from Kin Kora School with 29 children
participating on Sunday 22nd July.

Best Boy:  Timothy Work Grade 6 in 2001  (8.5/10)
Grade 7: 1st Colin Lynch (8/10), 2nd Sarah Cook (6/10), and 3rd Cassy Croese (5/10)
Grade 6: 1st Timothy Work (8.5/10), 2nd Kyle Stein (6/10), and 3rd James Lee (5.5)
Grade 5: 1st Damon McKenzie (7.5/10), 2nd Kenneth Jackson (6.5/10), and 3rd Jason Neary (5.5/10)
Grade 4: 1st Jack Stuart (7/10), 2nd Michael Lee (5.5/10) and 3rd Joshua Foley (5/10)
Grade 3: 1st Michael Croese (6/10), 2nd Brandon McKenzie (5.5/10) and 3rd Dylan Last (5.5/10)
Grade 2: 1st Cole Fallon (4.5/10) and 2nd Cameron Schluter (2.5/10)
Grade 1: Brendon Croese an Encouragement Prize.

1st in each grade received a Video or Game hire from Civic Video, 2nd receives a Happy meal from McDonalds and 3rd receives a Waffle Cone from the Great Australian Ice Creamery.

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