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a few snapshots of some of my toys. i'm not a "serious" toy collector. i just collect off and on what i like. plus people often give me toys. click on the thumbnails to see a bigger version.

this was the first picture i ever took with my digital camera. my friends erin and david gave me this mr. t. doll years ago. and i brought him with me to taiwan to bring me good luck. and he has for the most part too.

i was surprised to find this toy at comic kingdom here in taipei. who in taiwan would even know who sid and marty kroft were? but they had this and a few more sid and marty toys. but i could only afford this the day i was there.

i went back to comic kingdom when i got paid and picked this up(electra woman), but they had sold out of kling and klang.

this was a present from my friend cat for christmas 2000. it made me super happy and made me want to start buying toys again.

when i bought this i really wanted the spy girl toy. but it was long gone. but i dig the supreme commander too so i got it instead.

one of my few thunderbirds toys. my friend regina in germany gave it to me years ago.

another gift from my friends erin and david. this toy went from the states to taiwan, back to the states and then back to taiwan with me.

doraemon is is a popular japanese cartoon and comic book here. this is actually a radio. the 4th dimensional pouch on the front turns it on and off. part of some kfc promo.
this is actually a cup. one of my roomates bought some tea at a tea stand and for a little extra money you could get a cool cup. and this is what he got.

top view of kenny

rear view of kenny

on my first trip to china my friend tiger gave me these tigers since it was going to be the year of the tiger.

tigers from the back

one of my roomates stuck this up on my door. and so here it is though the color is sort of funky here. i'm still learning to use my camera.

a stuffed badtz maru one of my roomates got for signing up for a new credit card(the card has badtz on it too).

a little beanie santa badtz maru.

santa badtz ornament.

a set of bad badtz maru key chains.

scooby do toothbrush holder.
top back otherside front

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