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The Art of Pottery Making    (By Topics)

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 The Clay
          Clay Types
          Wedging Getting the clay ready, first step
          Preparing the Clay for throwing
          Clay Recipes
          Mining Indigenous Clay
  Pinch Pots   Ancient form of hand shaping and molding the clay

  Throwing    A term used to indicate making pottery on a potter's wheel
          Altering the clay body, incising, carving
          Painting with clay slip  Clay as a canvas
          Handling your piece: Mugs, pitchers, etc.

          Burnishing  technique used to polish the clay body

  Bisquing  Pre cooking stage for high fired pottery
  Glazing  Colors on the clay body
           Glaze Recipes
   Firing  Baking pottery using various forms of heat:
Wood, gas, Raku, salt etc.
         Firing With Wood

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