O LORD, Thou art our Father,
We are the clay, and Thou our Potter;
and we are all the work of Thy Hands.
Isaiah 64:8

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This web site has been designed to use as one on one basic tutorial,
covering most aspects in the Art of Pottery

Brushy Creek Pottery, proudly presents
Pottery the Art,
the ART of pottery making

with demonstrations by artist and potter,
Ken George
Missouri, USA

Pottery Workshops

Microsoft Picture It! Picture Volcanic Ash Glaze recipe

Do you have a pottery question?  
Grades K-12
This is a good place to start
 for a classroom pottery lesson

Try This with your kids !!!! Or by yourself
Featured On Line Pottery Project: Pinch Pots

We now have a Clay Recipe Page for all
of you who have been requesting clay recipes AND
our newly added Mining Indigenous Clay Page

Are you looking for a  
Glaze Recipe or do you want to
learn about Painting with clay slip

Wheel Throwing Demonstration

Wedging Demonstration


Wood Firing

Clay Types

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