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Pottery Workshops

Our Workshops are

Intensive One on One 3 Day pottery workshops
 designed to meet the needs of the individual student,
no matter what your skill level is.  

Our topics include hands on instruction in:

 Wheel throwing
Hand building
Slab building
Coil building
Glazing and glaze recipes
Firing techniques: wood ,electric, gas, raku or pit
Kiln building
Starting your own paint your own pottery shop

Class instructor:
Ken George of Brushy Creek Pottery
Ken has been a professional potter for over 20 years

Class Schedules are:
3 days, 15 hours of intensive instruction

Group workshops are limited to 3 individuals

Cost: 3 Day intensive one on one workshop
$250.00 per person

Lodging is available in nearby Van Buren
We are located 150 miles South of St. Louis, Missouri

E Mail us for an application and availability

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