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The Internet gallery for the new millennium.
Tour the personal galleries of today's leading
ceramic sculptors. Over 300 ceramic artworks
on display. Award winning web site with links worldwide.

For clay and glaze supplies,  Located in Nixa, Missouri
L & R Specialties

Creative Industries potter's wheels and accessories

The leader in wholesale pottery and craft supplies  
Free Catalogs available from Aftosa

Check this site out for kiln sharing space
 with other potter's in your area
along with
Many great items for the ceramic artist

Favorite Pottery Auction Site  

For a current listing of available art workshops, visit this site

 "The world's  most widely  read ceramic arts magazine"
Ceramics Monthly Magazine

Pottery Making Illustrated: Very informative magazine dedicated
to Pottery Making Great articles, learn about kilns, glazes,
clay and much more, Lots of good clay links

Clayzee - Worldwide Ceramics and Pottery Directory - Worldwide ceramics and pottery listings of sites ranging from functional pottery, ceramic art, industrial ceramics to manufacturers, suppliers, classes and educational institutions. Complete resource for all areas of ceramics field.

I love Clay Directory

Vermont Potter Robert Compton
Throws really big beautiful pots.
Robert Compton Pottery

Les Lawrence
Does outstanding works with slip screen imagery
View his works and let him teach you thing or two about this
beautiful style of clay art

Tom Gray Pottery
"My "dragonfly" and "rusty white" glazes, as well as
the decorating slip, all utilize an indigenous ball clay. "  
Wonderful slip trailed dragonfly designs.

Tom  Gray  maintains a very informative site that he refers to as ,
" A virtual tour of   North American Potters"
  Central Clay Resources .
There you can find:  Glaze recipes,  resources, upcoming events,
 and a bulletin board.  Lots of great pottery information

Handcrafted stoneware and porcelain
 (production ware and one-off pieces)
He is a full-time production potter in Edmonton / Alberta / Canada.
(potting professionally since 1976)  Jim Speers Pottery

1st Arts and Crafts

Studio Potter
"A nonprofit organization dedicated to the service
 of the international community of ceramic artists and craftspeople."

The Landing located in Van Buren, Missouri
approximately 15 miles from Brushy Creek Pottery
The Landing

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