About Us

Mother Nature is the inspiration for our art
We are located in the Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri USA

We are surrounded by nature, rolling hills, creeks, streams
 and rivers
Our town has a population of 363

All of our
pottery is hand thrown and uniquely designed by

Ken George

Ken has been potting for 20 years.  Mother Nature is not the only inspiration visible in Ken's work.  The history and chemistry of the art are a constant study for Ken.

  He  formulates his own glazes and has built several types of kilns.
He prefers to wood fire his pieces in the ancient traditional manner of potter's long ago

He also uses and teaches other kiln firing methods
Very Hot Pot
Gas fired Raku
Each piece is a work of art by a master craftsman.  Great attention to detail is given to all of Ken's art.
Fine art and functional alike!  

Preparing for a firing takes many hours!

Wood should ideally, be gathered and dried for 1 to 2 years.
Firing our  wood firing kiln is a family affair

Stoking the kiln is constant during a firing and takes approximately 12 hours to complete

The heat in front of the kiln is very intense reaching  temperatures exceeding 2300 degrees!
Everyone takes a turn at stoking the constant fire
The History of Pottery
Is also a great inspiration for us
We are always studying and researching the art of pottery
We share our knowledge of the art via our on line pottery tutorial and research pages called
Pottery the ART
We also offer education in the art through
group workshops
Individual workshops geared for one on one
hands on tutoring
covering all aspects of the art
Workshops are for all ages
Beginner to intermediate students
Our Pottery Includes:
Fine Art Hand thrown originals
All types and styles of functional ware for your home or office
You can view our pottery @
 Bisqueware ready for glazing and firing
Ideal for
Paint your own pottery shops.  To view our bisqueware

We also encourage artists in all other mediums and frequently feature a particular artist's work
on our
To sum us up!
We are dedicated to the

Art Of Pottery.
It is reflected in our work
our desire to share our knowledge of the art with others.  

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