To actively participate you will need:   

Pottery wheel ( electric or kick)
Wedged Clay
Bucket of water
Cutting Wire
Wheel Bat

Use the bucket of water to keep your clay and
throwing bat moist during the throwing process.


Begin by placing your bat on the wheel and securing.  
Wet your bat slightly using your sponge.
Place your clay ball firmly in the center of the bat.
Using both hands as shown, begin spinning your wheel while
allowing the clay ball to spin between your hands.

Press down in the center of the clay ball and begin forming
a center  as in image # 1 (far left) above.  
At the same time pushing slightly inward applying light pressure,
 allowing the clay to flow freely between your fingers

If the clay is wobbling on the wheel head it is not centered
Begin the centering again

Be sure to keep excess water sponged from the clay,
while at the same time being careful not to dry your clay out too much.
Finding the right clay consistency takes practice.

Once you have a center formed,
you are ready to begin pulling the walls up.

Position your hands on your pot as shown above:
Using the side of your right thumb as a lever and
the left index knuckle guide your clay upward
with the motion of your wheel.

      Remember to keep your clay moist, not saturated.    
To accomplish this, try using a small flexible sponge.

Continue forming your shape using your hands to mold and guide your clay.
Use your wire cutter and gently slide under your pot
separating the clay bottom from the bat.
Set the piece aside and allow to dry on the bat.

Working with clay is like a dance,
your clay and hands have to move together.

Study and practice the above images.
This technique just like a dance, requires practice.

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