The look is Rottweiler!  The attitude is Rottweiler!  If ever I believed in re-incarnation then this is it. HANYA is her Grandmother CHLOE in every aspect. HANYA possesses the same determination, drive, stubborness and loyalty.  If it were possible to stand them together I doubt anyone could tell them apart.

'HURRICANE HANYA' has extremely high drives and is always busy and ever helpful around the house.  If something is missing...ask HANYA!  It is more than likely that she has put it away somewhere for safekeeping.

A young CAMILLA daughter, HANYA has done well to date in the Showring and achieved her Championship title on the 11/03/00.  She consistantly places at Group level and was 2nd in the Australian Bred bitch class at the 2001 Rottweiler Club Queensland championship show under Mr Stubbs (Ire). Well done Hanya.
Her critique reads;

Medium size. Medium strong bitch. Strong head.
Short and broad muzzle. Well carried ears.
Dark brown eyes. Dark pigmentation.
Very good chest development. Straight in front.
Slight soft back ligamentation. Good muscles of
hindquarters with medium angulation.
Short coat. Rich brown markings not clearly
defined on chest. Good movement. Scissor bite.

I am confident that HANYA will continue to produce the excellent type, temperament and
soundness that I expect from her breeding.

Hanya is currently recovering from a major battle with cancer. Three months ago she underwent an emergency laparotomy (and partial gastrectomy) for stomach cancer at the tender age of 5 years. After a very difficult few weeks (and a lot of drips!!!) she spent some time in the Intensive Care Unit but in her usual style was pronounced "fit for discharge" after only three days. Hanya had decided that she no longer needed to be there and after a further 4 days recovery on the bed, was back to light roadwork. She is now back up to 5 - 10 km every second day and enjoying it. I look forward to many more years with her by my side.

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