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NGK TR-55 Plugs
Clear Side Diamond Cut Side Markers
Taylor Wires
DEI Heat Shields
A.I.R. Restrictor Mod
Hotchkis Strut Tower Brace
Throttle Body Bypass Mod
Sequential Rear Lights
BMR Lower Control Arms (Tube)
BMR PanHard Bar
BMR TunnelBrace
BMR SubFrames
Borla  3'' Catback Exhaust
Ported & Polished Mass Air Flow Sensor
VOLANT Induction
Metco Air Vent
Silver Dash Overlay
Decals by Scott Holder (A.K.A Firebat)
Hood Mirrors By Blake Florin
Billet Aluminum By MBA & HPA
Phoenix mats by RKSport
Centerline 17X9.5 Wheels
Headrest embroidery by Terry Gabletto
SLP LongTube Headers  
SLP Y-Pipe
SLP Cats
Midwest 3000 2.5 STR TQ
Summit Racing Transmission Cooler
160 Deg Hypertech T-stat

Dyno By ABACUS Racing Norfolk, VA  RWTQ=323.0 RWHP=313.1(SAE)

*Note of thanks to everyone at Circle Car Care Norfolk,VA & Mid Atlantic Specialties (MAS) Virginia Beach,VA

*On schedule to be installed*

T/A Rear Girdle
3.42 Richmond Gears
Heads & Cam Package
LS6 Intake
Re-programing by PCMFORLESS

:WS6 Links:
Wayne's 1999 Ram Air WS6
Mike's 2001 WS6
Chris and Jenni's 2000 Ram Air Trans Am
JP's 1999 WS6
Greg's 2000 WS6 Ram Air Trans Am



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