The President of Cinderella's fan clubLady Tremain, Anastasia & Drizella
Appearing in: Voiced by:
     Cinderella       Eleanor Audley (Lady Tremain)
      Lucille Bliss (Anastasia)
      Rhoda Williams (Drizella)

Lady Tremain :- "May I present my daughters - Drizella. Anastasia." (56Kb wav)

Drizella :- "Take that ironing and have it back in an hour. One hour, you hear?" (41Kb wav)

Lady Tremain & Drizella :- "Girls. Girls. It's her fault mother. Above all, self control." (53Kb wav)

Lady Tremain :- "Well I see no reason why you can't go...if you get all your work done." (60Kb wav)

Lady Tremain & Drizella :- "Mother do you realise what you just said? Of course. I said if. Oh. If." (115Kb wav)

Lady Tremain & Cinderella :- "And Cinderella. Yes? When you are through, and before you begin your regular chores, I have a few little things." (79Kb wav)

Cinderella, Drizella & Anastasia :- "Why that means I can go too. Hah! Her, dancing with the Prince. I'd be honoured Your Highness. Would you mind holding my broom. Ha ha." (135Kb wav)

Lady Tremain, Anastasia & Drizella :- "Mother! Mother! He's here. He's here. The Grand Duke! Oh do I look alright? I'm so excited I just don't know what I'll do. Girls! Now remember this is your last chance. Don't fail me." (124Kb wav)

Anastasia & Drizella :- "Aaaargh. Mother. Oh mother mother mother! You did it. You did it on purpose. Mother. Oh mother mother mother. Now what did you do? She put it there. A big ugly mouse under my teacup." (185Kb wav)

Lady Tremain, Anastasia & Drizella :- "Well there's to be a ball. A ball! In honour of his Highness the Prince. Oooooh the Prince! And by royal command, every eligible maiden is to attend. Why that's us. And I'm so eligible." (149Kb wav)

Lady Tremain & Cinderella :- "Cinderella? Cinderella? Cinderella? Oh where is that... Yes? Here I am. Now, my daughters - where are they? I think they're still in bed. Oh. Well don't just stand there. Bring up the breakfast trays at once and hurry." (179Kb wav)

Anastasia & Drizella :- "Mother I don't see why everybody else seems to have such nice things to wear and I always end up in these old rags. This sash - why I wouldn't be seen dead in it. You should talk. These beads. I'm sick of looking at them. Trash." (148Kb wav)

Lady Tremain & Cinderella :- "Hold your tongue. Now, it seems we have time on our hands. But I was only trying to...Silence! Time for vicious practical jokes. Perhaps we can put it to better use. Now let me see. There's a large carpet in the main hall - clean it. And the windows upstairs and down - wash them. Oh yes and the tapestries and the draperies. But I just finished...Do them again. And don't forget the garden, then scrub the terrace, sweep the halls and the stairs, clean the chimneys" (481Kb wav)

Drizella, Lady Tremain & Anastasia :- "If he's in love with that girl why should we even bother? Now you two listen to me. There is still a chance that one of you can get him. Huh? One of us? Why mother what do you mean? Just this - no one, not even the Prince, knows who that girl is. The glass slipper is their only clue. Now, the Duke has been ordered to try it on every girl in the kingdom and if one can be found whom the slipper fits, then by the King's command, that girl shall be the Prince's bride." (383Kb wav)

Lady Tremain, Drizella, Anastasia & Cinderella :- "Drizella, Drizella? What? Get up. Quick. This instant. We haven't a moment to lose. Anastasia? Anastasia? Get up Anastasia. What for? Why? Oh, everyone's talking about it, the whole kingdom. Oh, hurry now. He'll be here in a minute. Who will? The Grand Duke. He's been hunting all night. Hunting? For that girl. The one who lost her slipper at the ball last night. They say he's madly in love with her. The Duke is? No no no. The Prince. The Prince? You clumsy little fool. Clean that up and then help my daughters dress." (506Kb wav)

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