Europe Farmer's Genealogy


From Europe:  Please read the Genealogy List very carefully so you do not miss who’s who.  Not every family member is on the list.  There was no way I could have listed everyone.

Note:  To follow the list, in most cases, the children are listed under their parents.


Martin Locus married Pheby Wells had 1 child: Martin Jr.

Martin Locus Jr. married Eliza (Louisa) Brantley had 14 children: Martin John born August 3, 1843., Patterson, Susan, Edy, Isham, Ervin born January 1858, Mary Jane, Lugenia, Amanda, Asa, Eliza, Westray, Sidney and Neverson.  {Martin John died December 22, 1926}

Dempsey Taylor married Eliza (Louisa) Pace had 5 children: Margaret, Sarah, Delphia born January 1850, Rilda and Joel.  {Delphia died February 24, 1923}

Nelson Eatman married Marinda Locus had 6 children: Alfred, Rhoda, Wilma, Peggy, Ginny and Grimesey.

Alexander Watson Wells and Wilma Eatman had 6 children: Emily, William Joseph, Nelson, Jarman, Robert and Margaret born February 1862.  {Margaret died June 23, 1929}

Wilma Eatman had 3 other children: Crawford, Messourie and Kenan.

Hackney Henderson High and Wilma Eatman had 1 child: Annie born July 7, 1877.  {Annie died April 5, 1952}

Margaret Eatman had 2 children: Harriet born January 1877 and Burlena born March 1883.

George Howard married Eliza Locus had 3 children: Alice, Fenner and Sammie. (Note there were other children unknown by name).

Ervin Locus married Rilda Taylor had 3 children: Alsey, Alger and Martha.

Neverson Locus married Margaret Taylor had 1 child: Boston (Boss).

Goodman (Goodson) Locus married Sarah Taylor had 7 children: Jesse D., John E., Delilah M., Henry P., James T., William E. and Emma.

Ervin Locus married Margaret Eatman had 7 children: Cora born Jan. 1889, Levy born Jan. 1890, Frank Temp born April 1897, Neadom born 1903, Martin born 1904, Shelly born February 1893 and Nancy born February 1898.  {Cora died August 12, 1962}

Martin John Locus married Delphia Taylor had 10 children: John Frank born 1869, Dora born 1872, Kenyon born January 1874, Nancy born May 1875, Samuel born 1880, Edward born October 17, 1883, Sidney born July 3, 1885 and Susan born July 4, 1890 (There were 2 other children names unknown).  {Kenyon died December 10, 1940, Edward died June 14, 1947, Sidney died July 3, 1955, Susan died August 20, 1980}

Neadhom Lucas married Stella Morgan had 3 children: Wilbert born April 19, 1925, Neadom Lee and Doris.

George Taylor and Nancy Lucas had 1 child: Bunion (Bunk) Lucas born June 18, 1895.   {Bunion died May 29, 1969}

Kenan Eatman and Nancy Lucas had 1 child: Martin Luther Lucas.

Susan Lucas had 1 daughter: Roxie.

Asa (Ace) Locus married Annie Eatman had 7 children: Larry, John, Nora, Eva, Ada, James and Paul.

Daniel Adie Eatmon married Geneva Hart had 13 children: Thelma, Rose Lee, Eddie, Christine, Geraldine, Gardlyn Peter, James O., Arthur, Herbert, Artistine born Oct. 8, 1940, May Francis, Henry and Harold.

Sydney Lucas married Mamie Roundtree had 11 children: John Rassie, Fate, Ivory, Sydney, Guy, Eva, Mary, Mamie, Martha, Magdaline and Susie Gray.

John Rassie Lucas married Mamie Moss had 5 children: John H. born February 9, 1932, Pocahontas born December 14, 1934, Mamie born May 25, 1935 James O. born August 12, 1936 and Sydney N. born April 16, 1938.

Fate Lucas married Sarah Ricks had 6 children: Louise, Fate D., Phaties, Mary, Ann and Helen.

William Ivory Hawkins married Shelly Lucas had 8 children: Phelon, Annie Lee born October 24, 1932, Nancy, Bessie born October 25, 1916, Rebecca born June 16, 1914, William, Steve and Vester.  {Bessie died April 24, 1999, Rebecca died June 3, 1984}

Phelon Hawkins married Roma (maiden name unknown) had 5 children: Felton, Jerald, Eric, Romaine and Tina.

Duncan Eatmon married Bessie Hawkins had 2 children: Grady born August 6, 1935 and Willie born September 17, 1936.

Clarence Blackwell married Bessie Hawkins had 6 children: Ruby born December 4, 1942, Nathan born January 9, 1947, John born July 26, 1948, James born November 29, 1949, Mary born August 16, 1954 and Elizabeth born February 18, 1958.  {Mary died September 16, 2003}

Joe Wilkins married Annie Lee Hawkins had 3 children: Janice, Ivory and Joe.

Vester Hawkins married Mary (maiden name unknown)had 4 children: Lannie born August 19, 1949, Shelly born November 2, 1950, Durango born August 17, 1954, and Dwight born January 21, 1968.  {Dwight died November 8, 2003}

William Hawkins married Theresa Jackson had 6 children: Olivda born February 4, 1957, William L. born October 11, 1958, Sylvester E. born February 17, 1960, Kenneth F. born February 14, 1961, Brian M. born January 21, 1962 and Ivy M. born December 17, 1962.  {Kenneth died April 25, 1996}

Steve Hawkins married Theresa Jackson had 2 children: Stephen L. born November 14, 1969 and Princess A. born October 5, 1981.

Cleveland Baines married Rebecca Hawkins had 14 children: Julius, Roy, David, Curtis, Alvin, Robert, Della, Tommy, Florida born July 22, 1936, Cleveland, Arthur, Cornell, Raymond and William.

Leonard Chestnut Sr. married Florida Baines had 2 children: Leonard Jr., born November 26, 1957 and Anthony born April 19, 1963.

Israel Hawkins married Nancy Lucas had 3 children: Marie, Odell and William K.

William K. Hawkins married Nancy Hawkins had 7 children: Alfred, David, Sheila, Cheyenne, Carolyn, William Jr. and Donzella.

Edward Lucas married Cora Lucas had 15 children: Linwood (Hawk) born August 7, 1909, Maggie born July 28, 1910, Eula, Winnie born March 28, 1915, Mittie, Redelphia born December 16, 1916, John Edward, Quentin, Ella, Nancy born June 19, 1930, Frank born May 25, 1928, Kenny, Josephine, Louise born July 5, 1926, and Lottie.  {Linwood died June 1972, Maggie died January 1, 1992, Winnie died October 20, 1961 Redelphia died February 16, 2000. Nancy died September 17, 1973, Frank died June 8, 2001}

Linwood (Hawk) Lucas married Minnie Whitaker had 3 children: Cleveland born November 22, 1936, Leman Earl born August 29, 1938 and Cora lee born July 7, 1940.  {Cleveland died May 20, 1995, Leman Earl died September 18, 1991}

Cleveland Lucas married Delilah Moten had 2 children: Marlon James born September 7, 1963 and Sherrie Lynn born March 5, 1972.

Leman Earl Lucas married Jean Preston had 2 children: Kimberly A. born April 16, 1976 and Leman Earl Jr. born October 31, 1978.

Oliver Thorne married Cora Lee Lucas had 3 children: Oliver O’ Brian born November 11, 1968, Krystal T. born December 23, 1973 and Chasidy S. born February 1, 1978.

David Majette and Krystal T. Thorne had 1 child: Tenazia Essence Majette born August 17, 1993.

Andrew Charles and Krystal T. Thorne had 1 child: Ashley Christina Charles born April 27, 2000.

Darryl Byers and Chasidy S. Thorne had 1 child: Darrylynn Keilah Byers born October 9, 2001.

Walter Dew married Maggie Lucas had 9 children: Aleazer born September 26, 1935, Walter born September 27, 1936, Clyde born December 7, 1937, Ceola born March 24, 1939, Robert born march 8, 1941, Geraldine born November 25, 1942, Mittie Jean born June 8, 1944, Marvin born June 30, 1946 and Louise born July 21, 1948.  {Aleazer died July 5, 1988, Clyde died November 18, 1995, Ceola died July 29, 1996, Robert died September 6, 2002, Marvin died June 7, 1988}

Elijah Farmer married Aleazer Dew had 5 children: Mona Lisa born November 2, 1955, Elijah born October 19, 1956, Janet born August 16, 1958, Connie Earl born July 22, 1960 and Europe Ahmad born December 13, 1962.

Robert Reid and Aleazer Dew had 1 child: Valancia Joan born January 8, 1964.      

John Singleton and Mona Lisa Naylor had 1 child: Shahid Ishmael born August 1, 1981.

Calvin Carver and Mona Lisa Naylor had 2 children: Aleazer born October 4, 1983 and Jennifer born March 4, 1985.                        

Lamont Brown and Mona Lisa Naylor had 1 child: Janet born November 15, 1986.

Elijah Farmer married Chandra Johnson had 1 child: Takiya Kalimah born March 24, 1976.

Elijah Muhammad and Malika Muhammad had 1 child: Nadiyyah Hanna born June 18, 1978.

Elijah Muhammad and Beverly McMakeachin had 1 child: Jameelah Wakilah Muhammad born December 8, 1981.

Jerome Ali and Janet Farmer had 1 child: Farid A. Ali born August 20, 1976.

(Ali) Connie Earl Farmer married Sharon (maiden name unknown) had 1 child: Aliah.

Europe Ahmad Farmer married Patricia Ann Watkins had 5 children: Leah Elizabeth born March 10, 1985, Rachel Naomi born June 13, 1986, Moses Theophilus born August 27, 1987, Rebekah Keilah born June 14, 1989 and Micah Cornelius born July 11, 1992. {Leah died November 14, 1986.}

Kenny Wolfe married Valancia Joan Farmer had 2 children: Salahudean born February 5, 1980 and Laequia.

Johneal Johnson and Valancia Joan Wolfe had 1 child: Destiny.

Walter Dew married Vivian James had 1 child: Hermione born October 19, 1958.

Walter Dew and Artistine Eatmon had 1 child: Alice Jo born April 26, 1959.

Walter Dew and Yvonne Handy had 1 child: Yvette born September 26, 1959.

Ronnie Rawles married Hermione Dew had 2 children: Shaylia Ieasha born Jan. 5, 1976 and Ronnie Dishon born August 26, 1978.

Albert Ford and Shaylia Ieasha Rawles had 1 child: Aliyah T. Rawles born May 18, 1998.

Cornell Irving Jr. and Shaylia Ieasha Rawles had 1 child: Cornell Irving III born November 19, 2001.                                               

Ronnie Dishon Rawles and Niamah Anderson had 1 child: Raquiyah D. Rawles born January 27, 2001.

Alice Jo Eatmon had 2 children: Chineta Yvette born October 20, 1983 and Jherlymax Proctor born September 11, 1987.

Clyde Dew and Jean Thomas had 1 child: Sharon Lynette.

Clyde Dew had 3 children: Rickie Blackmon, Angela Barnes Bynum and Sherry.

Romallus Murphy and Ceola Dew had 1 child: Sharon Melody Dew born August 5, 1961

Reginal Williams and Sharon Melody Dew had 1 child: Ariel Chevette Dew born September 1, 1983.

Robert Dew and Annie Smith had 1 child: Jacqueline Smith born December 9, 1965.

Robert Dew married Doris Isler had 2 children: Demetria Renee and Valerie Monique.

Robert Dew and Rita Johnson had 6 children: Walter Robert Dew born 15, 1996, Chiffon Joy Dew born March 11, 1998, Cha-lon Zoe Dew born July 1, 1999, Romallus La-mar Dew born March 1, 2001, Rashad Otto Dew born March 1, 2001 and Ynique Divine Dew born August 7, 2002.

David Reid married Geraldine Dew had 3 children: Kimberly Chiffon born October 4, 1965, Kindle Chertessa born July 3, 1973, David Jr. born November 20, 1980.  {David died July 18, 1995}

Willie Ratchford and Kimberly Chiffon Reid had 1 child: Shade Angel Reid born November 13, 1994.

Bernard O. Walston and Kimberly Chiffon Reid had 2 children: Aaliyah Precious R. born October 26, 2001 and Kimeron Faith born September 4, 2004.

Jermaine Ray McIver and Kindle Chertessa Reid had 2 children: Jermaine O’Shea McIver born August 3, 1994 and David Dzhea Mc Iver born June 10, 1997.

Marvin Dew married Linda Tucker had 4 children: Marvin Velmon born August 13, 1975, Robert Delmon born September 13, 1976, Marcel Relmon born April 7, 1979 and Charmarva Melody born December 5, 1980.

Willie Anderson married Louise Dew had 2 children: Marvin Thomas born May 22, 1967 and Melody Chiffon born March 30, 1974. {Melody died November 17, 1996.}

Foster Pone married Redelphia Lucas had 5 children: Polly Ann born December 8, 1941, Lottie Ree born April 1, 1943, Mavis born May 11, 1944, Roy born February 6, 1947 and Glorie Jean born March 16, 1957.

Paul Witherspoon married Polly Ann Pone they had 1 child: Paul Jr.

Joe (Root) Lucas and Lollie Ree Pone had 2 children: Ann Tulah born November 25, 1961 and Valarie born January 1, 1966.

Earl Smith married Mavis Pone had 1 child: Earl Jr.

Roy Pone and Ruth Mae Taborn had 1 child: Timothy Taborn.

Roy Pone married Ann Gardener had 1 child: Colin.

Glorie Jean Pone had 3 children: Mandell, Mandingo and Jennifer.

Herman William Rankins married Winnie Lucas had 4 children: Robert born March 12, 1943, Edward born June 26, 1944, Sidney Leroy born August 31, 1947 and JoAnn born March 18, 1952. {Robert died August 1982, Edward died March 1973, Sidney died June 3, 2003.}

Robert Rankins married Catherine Jordan had 4 children: Robert, Doreen, Michele and Darrin.

Sydney Rankins married Gloria Seals had 2 children.  Shawn and Andre.

Sydney Rankins and Connie (maiden name unknown) had 1 child: Sydney.

Edward Schenck married Joann Rankins had 1 child: Edward David born May 18, 1988.

Robert Cameron married Louise Lucas had 4 children: Robert Jr. born June 21, 1947, Catherine born August 13, 1958, Cynthia born November 11, 1960 and Reginald born February 3, 1956.

Frank Lucas married Artistine Eatmon had 9 children: Jimmie born November 2, 1960, Delphia Marie born November 13, 1961, Quenton born March 23, 1963, Larry born March 27, 1964, Theresa born March 29, 1965, Frank Timothy born March 2, 1966, Ertistine Pinkie born January 9, 1968, Johnny born November 12, 1971 and Billy born April 16, 1973.

Jimmie Carl Lucas and Catherine (maiden name unknown) had 1 child: Bradon.

Newton Talley Jr. married Delphia Marie Lucas had 3 children: Sasha Marie born August 10, 1988, Anja Natasha born February 7, 1990 and  Nicholas Newton born November 15, 1993.

Quenton Lucas and Emma Jordan had 1 child: Marcus.

Quenton Lucas married Jackie Avery had 1 child: Quenton born June 1988.

Larry Lucas and Rose Mary Parker had 2 children: Cobey and Jasalynn.

Larry Lucas married Lynn (maiden name unknown) had 1 child: Jada.

Thomas Larry married Theresa Lucas had 3 children: Cartney born March 29, 1983, Thomase born January 29, 1986 and Thomaca born November 2, 1989.

Frank Timothy Lucas married Beverly Marices had 1 child: Sierrra.

Darryl King married Ertistine Pinkie Lucas they had 2 children: India C. born April 28, 1980 and Tiffany born October 3, 1992.

Johnny Lucas and Francis Atkinson had 1 child: Curtis.

Johnny Lucas married Rhonda Lennon had 3 children: Dominique born April 4, 1996, Avery born May 26, 1998 and Justin born November 2, 2001.

Billy Lucas and Buffy (maiden name unknown) had 1 child: Jasmen.

Billy Lucas and Dale Ray had 1 child: Clarissa born February 17, 1993.

Harvey Farmer married Nancy Lucas had 4 children: Gwendolyn Jahnice born April 18, 1949, Jerlma Romaine born April 14, 1954, Judy Teresa born May 27, 1959 and Jocile born November 1, 1960. {Jerlma died January 16, 1999}

Clifton Sprinkle and Nancy Lucas Farmer had 1 child: Jerri Zephronia born August 27, 1967.

Gwendolyn Jahnice Farmer Ross had 4 children: Ian Fanchon born November 19, 1973, Quincy Bedford born October 27, 1980, Jonathan Fitzpatrick born May 25, 1987 and Meghan Aquayla born February 26, 1992.

Robert Crampton married Jerlma Romaine  Farmer had 2 children: Mahlon Tory born August 14, 1974 and Danielle Rasheda born September 1981.

Judy Teresa Guy had 4 children: Nancy Joniqua born November 18, 1988, Judith Thomasa born October 3, 1998, Thomasa Judith borh October 3, 1998 (twins) and Alina Romaine born July 2, 2002.

Jocile Farmer had 1 child: Gerald born July 14, 1983.

Bunion Lucas married Mary Ella Whitaker had 11 children: Charlie L, Morris, George B., Ernest, David L, Linwood, Nancy R., Agnes, Virginia B., Christine and Barbara J. born February 22, 1945.

Carl Whitfield married Barbara Jean Lucas had 8 children: Michael K. born May 15, 1962, Carl Glenn born September 2, 1963, Terry L. born October 31, 1964, Rodney D. born February 22, 1966, Tyrone M. born April 29, 1970, Carl L. born September 25, 1971, Kenneth R. born July 26, 1974 and Barbara D. born August 13, 1967.  {Carl Glenn died April 7, 1970, Rodney D. died June 25, 1997}

Zealous Howard married Rhoda Eatman had 10 children: Zealous Jr., James, Jesse, Allison, Kenan, Anna, Doctor, Mary, James Gilbert, George, and Ira.

James Gilbert Howard married Amanda Locus had 6 children: Wesley, Dave, Willie, Charlie, Edna and Amanda.

Willie Howard married Bessie Eatman had 9 children: Vester, Roman, Willie Jr., Ruby, Elly, Magdalin, Essie May, Bessie Ann and Caroline.

Willie Blackwell married Anna Howard had 2 children: Tora Neal born July 15, 1909 and Clarence born May 3, 1912. {Tora Neal died Julyl 1, 1962} 

Israel Abdelaziz married Tora Neal Blackwell had 7 children: John D. born October 13, 1929, Melchizedeck born July 19, 1931, Anna Lee born July 8, 1933, Evelyn M. born March 21, 1935, Hienze O. born January 31, 1937, Irene born May 22, 1939 and Israel Jr. born May 10, 1941.

John D. Abdelaziz married Amelia had 3 children: Irene, Carmella and Faith.

Melchizedek Abdelaziz married Della May had 4 children: Julia, Gabriel, Gloria and Melba.

Fernando Martinez married Anna Lee Abdelaziz had 1 child: Michael D. born August 12, 1953.  {Michael D. died March 31, 1978}

Marion Nelson Sr. married Anna Lee Abdelaziz 2nd marriage had 4 children: Tora M. born September 8, 1955, Marion Jr. born December 13, 1956, Mark A. born October 31, 1964 and Matthew P. born December 24, 1966.

Evelyn M. Abdelaziz had 9 children: Elton Ray, Alice R. Rosemary, Roosevelt, Gregore C., Romona, Manita, Pamela and Tanya.

Hienze O. Abdelaziz had 2 children: Saudia and Petra Tora.

Howard Clark married Irene Abdelaziz had 6 children: Solomon A., Nina, Joy S. Christian, Melody and Deidra.

Israel Abdelaziz Jr. married Daisy (maiden name unknown) had 5 children: Anna M., Debra, Israel III, Valarie K. and Sonja.

Frank Lucas had 5 children: Frank Smith, Frank Fitzgerald, Shirley Jean, Elizabeth and Mittie Carol.

Willie Eatmon married 1st Geneva Powell had 1 child: Louisiana.

Willie Eatmon married 2nd Nettie Faulk had 4 children: Darcaus, Doffes, Doris and Dollie born January 21, 1944.

Sessum Eatmon married 1st Maggie Joyner had 4 children: Josephine born September 23, 1915, Rosetta, Edward and Elmus.

Sessum Eatmon married 2nd Ada Rand had 1 child: Beatrice.

Jarman Eatmon married Louisa Lucas had 14 children: Joana, Missouria, Fred born June 1881, Mamie born March 1883, Willie born January 1885, Julius born January 1885, born July 1888, Oscar born September 1892, Sessum born June 1894, Annie born 1895, Thomas born September 1898, Jarman Jr. born September 1, 1898 (there were 2 other children names unknown). {Willie died April 26, 1945, Jarman Jr. died September 2, 1982}

Charlie Howard married Henrietta Hawkins had 11 children: Walter, O.D., Curtis, Willis, Dorothy, Eldora, Martha, Mary, Charles, Eula and Daisy.

Robert E. Davis married Dorothy Howard had 5 children: Louise, Robert W., James C., Henry L. and John H.

Wiley Lucas married Elizabeth Baker had 11 children: Eliza, Amanda, Sally Ann, Percy, Arney, Gladys, Ruth, Frank, Martha, Harvey and Florence.

Jarman Eatmon Jr. married Lula Joyner had 5 children: David, Claire, Cleo, Cleveland and Margaret.

Cleo Eatmon Anderson had 7 children: William R. (Dick), Shelby Jan, Franklin D., Jarmin, Donald, Vickie and Shirley.

Thomas Jefferson Howard married Lula Eatman had 2 children: Jefferson Albert born June 17, 1919 and Catherine.  {Jefferson Albert died June 6, 1995}        

Thomas Jefferson Howard married Lula (maiden name unknown) had 3 children: Dolphus, Earl Lee and LuVinia.

Jefferson Albert Howard married Bessie May Moore had 5 children: Tina born August 5, 1946, Jefferson Albert Jr. born April 28, 1948, Trudy born July 7, 1949, Hattie born October 24, 1950 and Doretha born December 5, 1952.

Jefferson Albert Howard Jr. married Corine Thompson had 2 children: Demoris born September 11, 1974 and Lakeecia Sheree born July 17, 1979.

Zealous Howard Jr. (Del, Delus) married Nancy Blackwell had 8 children: Eita, Florence, Christian, Tiyna, Thomas, Oscar, Johnny, and Herman.

Robert (Bob) Lucas married Eita Howard had 7 children: James, Willie, Herman (Dick) born February 2, 1916, Nannie, Ella, Addie, and Lily.

Herman (Dick) Lucas married Mamie Brocton had 9 children: Bettie, Hazel, Mamie, Yvette, Robert, Alfonzo, Jesse, Herman and James.

Alsey High married Eliza Winborne had 9 children: William, John B., Gaston, Joel B., Hackney Henderson born May 28, 1828, Gilly, Allison, Lancy and Manly.  {Hackney died June 30, 1907.}

Hackney Henderson High married Harriet Eatman had 5 children: David Jefferson, Missouria, Hackney Anna E., Alley R. and Patrick Oscar.

Hackney Henderson High married Casie D. Morris had 5 children: Dora, Stephen and (names of the other 3 are unknown).

John Lucas married Sudie Stample had 4 children: Robert, Annie Clee born November 26, 1921, Ace and Queen.  {Annie died July 25, 2005.}

Alvis Deans married Annie Clee Lucas had 1 child: Jeraldine born March 8, 1942.

Morgan U. Johnson married Jeraldine Deans had 2 children:: Theresa Yvette born September 8, 1961 and Pamela born April 7, 1963.

Lascelles Hylton and Theresa Yvette Johnson had 1 child: Brian Anthony Johnson born February 25, 1980.

Gary Michael Pereira married Theresa Yvette Johnson had 1 child: Michael S. born May 26, 1985.

Ahmad Gray and Theresa Yvette Johnson had 1 child: Latoya Morganan Gray born July 25, 1995.

Rick Lee Smith and Pamela Johnson had 2 children: Rick Lee Smith Jr. born November 20, 1990 and Pilar Jerlann Smith born May 16, 1994.

Clee Ellis Richardson married Queen Ester Lucas had 2 children: Annie Ruth born October 10, 1948 and Larry Ellis born April 27, 1951.

Larry Ellis Richardson married Priscella Carter had 1 child: Larry Ellis Jr. born August 14, 1969.

Larry Ellis Richardson had 1 child: Duston Logan.

Ace Lucas married Christine Reid had 3 children: Sudie Mae, Ernest Earl born September 21, 1944 and Shelton G. born September 7, 1948.

Ernest Earl Lucas married Doris Fields had 2 children: Ernest born January 31, 1970 and Larry born January 25, 1973.

Pheby Wells had 2 children: Elisha born 1813 and Bynum born 1814.

John Powell and Harriet Eatman had 1 child: Betty.

Oscar Strickland married Harriet Eatman had 11 children: Mary, Hattie, Margaret, Eva, Mahalia, Vernon, Frank, Athan, Paul, Pauline and Bernard.

Willie Floyd Allen married Betty Eatman (Strickland) had 4 children: James, Coren, Beatrice and Charles.

Ellen Evans married Dora Lucas had 2 children: Tommy and Sally Ann.

William Blackwell married Sally Ann Evans had 4 children: Bennie, Curtis, Jackie and Nancy.

Mary (Polly) Howard/Mary Brantley had 8 children: Zealous, William, John, Betsey, Burton, Noel, Delancy and Dilsey.

Bartley Wells married Rebecca (maiden name unknown) had 6 children Alexander Watson, Emily, Stephen, Joel, John and William. {Alexander Watson died October 5, 1862}

Lewis Brantley and Sarah Howard had several children: three of them were Betsey, Thomas and Polly.

Elizabeth (Betsy) Brantley had 7 children: Eliza Louisa, Thomas, Kimbrel, James, Henderson, Guilford B. and Piety.