Amos Brantley

D.A.R. records indicate he was born in NC. In 1759. This pension application was filed in Hancock Co. GA. In 1827. Amos and his brother  John were in Col. Clarks N.C. Regiment. They are listed on the final payroll of 1783. Amos #91380. He served in the Revolutionary War. ( source: National Archives.)

Spouse’s names are from D.A.R. records. In 1806 he had security bond on Will of Mary King. Amos’ wife is unknown but had the following children: (D.A.R. records per/ James Morris Brantley)


Washington Hamilton Brantley


Theresa Porter Chesley

Thomas Jefferson Brantley


Almirah Jane Middlebrook

Luntsford Whitaker Brantley


Christiline Waller

Susan Brantley


? Reynolds

Martha Ann Brantley


Dick Brantley

Tiller Brantley Laurana Brantley Green D. Brantley

b. 1795

m. Elizabeth Holyfield