Milbry and Charlotte were originally Stokes but had their names changed to Brantley.  See court document. More recent findings indicate that a Milbry was also  the daughter of John Brantley, Jr.  Since Milbry is not shown in Sherrod's land division, apparently his Milbry died young and the Milbry who is shown in a marriage bond to Isaac Strickland is the daughter of John, Jr.  John, Jr. since  Isaac Strickland lived in the same area as John, Jr.  There are many aspects of Sherrod's family situation that are very puzzling so if you are visiting and you have any information to add to what we already know about Sherrod, Tabitha and Martha, please let us know. (

Notes from Rocky Strickland: (Uploaded with Flo Brantley's file on Edward Brantley to Family

In March 1810, Sherrod Brantley and Tabitha Stokes were charged by the Grand Jury in Nash County with "cohabitating together and living in a state of fornication." The witnesses against them were Jesse Hammons and Hardy Pridgen. On September 10, 1810, the Nash County Superior Court issued a summons for them to appear before the court the following March.  See court documents.

According to the NC Genealogical Society Journal, May 1983, Milbry and Charlotte Stokes changed their last name to Brantley. Their parents were listed as Sherrod and Tabitha Brantley. See court document.

Nash County Guardian Bonds and Returns 1777-1859 list the following orphans of Sherwood Brantley: 

Allen Brantley, bond 1842, returns 1845 , 1846, 1848, 1849; 

Eliza Brantley, bond 1841; 

Green Brantley, bond 1841; 

Handy Brantley, bond 1841, return 1845; 

Jacob Brantley, bond 1841, returns 1845, 1846, 1848, 1849; 

Jordan Brantley, bond 1841; 

Mack Brantley, bond 1841, returns 1845, 1846, 1848, 1849; 

Sherrod Brantley, bond 1841, returns 1845, 1846. 

Edwin Brantley was named as guardian in all of these records.

A petition for a year's support was filed by Martha Brantley. She was the widow of Sherrod Brantley, who died in testate with George R. Bell as admr. Feb Term 1841. (This must mean Tabitha, instead of Martha, his first wife???)

The gravestones for Sherrod and Tabitha were originally located behind the home of Martha Brantley Whitley, but  they were plowed into the woods during land clearing. Annie Pearl Brantley found what pieces she could of the broken head markers and they are now in the back of her house in Spring Hope, Nash County. Behind Martha Whitley's house, Marian Gray Brantley Neese erected a tombstone in memory to all the Brantleys buried there. Old and new grave marker photos.

NOTE Jacob served in 24th Regiment in Civil War and was discharged with 75% disability per Annie Pearl Brantley.

NOTE Some say that Martha's maiden name was Whitfield, but I have never found a record of this.