Brantley’s NC VA & GA


Abstracts of Early Deeds of Edgecombe County NC, Index to Deed Book 4 1772-1788 Vol. II 1783-1788.

Amos Brantley pgs 338,425,627, Benjamin Brantley pgs 556, Elizabeth Brantley pgs 536, 689, Lewis Brantley pg 742, Marmaduke Brantley pgs 209, 536, 689, 734

Index Deed Book 3 1775-1779

Britain Brantley pg 66, Jas. Brantley pgs 66,226, Malachi Brantley pg 402.

Index Deed Book 2

Jas. Brantley pg 102, John Brantley pg 102

Abstracts of Wills of Edgecombe County 1773-1856

Pg 4 William Amason’s will dated 4-11-1793 wife Sarah leaves plantation which he lives, sons James, Jesse gives 70 acres land which he hath already had be deed of gift, son Exr. John- my plantation after mothers death, his daughters were: (1) Patience Barnes (Bonner) (2) Obedience Baggett (3) Elizabeth Brantley (4) Martha Baggett.

Will of Richard Bolton 4-27-1787 Feb. Ct. list Exr. As Marmaduke Brantley Wit. Is Elizabeth Brantley.

Mar. 7, 1755, John Brantley to Lewis Brantley for 30 pds 100 acres N. side of Sandy Creek where Lewis now lives.

Jan. 13, 1756 Lewis Brantley of Orange County to Thomas Harris 40 pds 100 acres N. side Sandy Creek which was granted to Francis Parker 4-6-1745 who deeded to John Brantley who conveyed it to Lewis Brantley.

Jan. 5, 1761, John Brantley & wife Hannah of Orange Co. to Benjamin Ward of Granville Co. 60 pds 400 acres on both sides on Linches Creek.

Aug. 6, 1762 Christopher Strother to Joseph Brantley for 10 pds 100 acres on Linches Crk. Brantley’s Corner. Wit. John Brantley and William Parham.

The 1790 Tax List of Halifax Co. NC

(1) James Brantley (2) Samuel Brantley (3) Edmond Brantley (4) William Brantley (5) Robert Brantley, Sr. (6) Ann Brantley (7) Samuel Brantley

Colonial Bertie Co. NC

F 185 James & Lewis Brantley to William Rutlidge 6-3-1740 10 pds for 100 acres on Morattock River Feb. Ct. 1740

F 194 James & Lewis Brantley of Isle of Wight Co VA to Samuel Williams 6-3-1749 15 pds for 150 acres on Bank of Morattock River at Peahill Feb. Ct 1740

Abstracts of Granville Co 1746-1765

Dennis Lindsey to John Brantley 62 pds 200 acres on N side Isenglas Creek 11-19-1746, Nove. 26, 1748 Francis Parker of Edgecombe Co. to John Brantley of Granville Co. 30 pds 100 acres, Aug. 8, 1749 John Brantley gentlemen to Theophilus Goodyn yeoman for 7 pds 10 shls 180 acres N side Tarr River which was granted to John Brantley on 3-25-1749

Genealogical Abstracts of Wills Halifax Co 1758-1824

Will 606 pg 324 Lewis Brantley 3-7-1799 May Ct. 1799 son Robert Brantley part of all my lands on the N side of Deep Creek, lend wife Patty Brantley remainder of all my lands for her life or widowhood and if she marries she is to have 1/3 of Jonson Brantley the land lent to my wife, 2 daus Sarah Ann Bryant & Mary Pitman Spier 5 shillings & cloath each, when youngest dau. Betsey Brantley comes of age the rest of my estate to be divided between my wife and four children Dolly, Betsey, Henry, and Benjamin Brantley.

Will 673 pg 385 Robert R. Brantley 3-6-1803 May Ct 1803, Slave to be hired out yearly until the division of my estate, lend wife Bithur Brantley rest of my estate during her widowhood if she marries she to have a Negro and horse etc. and remainder of my estate to divided between my 2 dau Harriet & Sarah Brantley.

Will 754 pg 470 William Brantley 12-24-1805 Nov Ct 1807, Daughter Elizabeth Brantley bed and furniture, son Samuel 137 acres more or less whereon he now lives, residue of my land to be divided between my four sons Wilson, William, Robert, and John Brantley lend residue of my estate to wife Elizabeth at her death it to be sold and money divided between my children.


Isle of Wight VA Seventeenth Century

Pg. 181   William & Mary Brantley’s children:

1. John        b. 3-15-1729/30

2. William b. 3-21-1735/36

3. Joseph   b. 9-26-1737

Pg. 244 William Brantley 7th child of Benjamin was b. about 1750 & d. 6-10-1832 he married Lydia B. 1760 d. 7-18-1835.

Pg. 641 Joseph Elizon sailor appoints Peter Deberry his Attorney 5-4-1700 Wit. William

Browne and Philip Brantley.

Pg. 619 Jury divided land between John Brantley and George Barlow 1-31-1694

Pg. 650 John Brantley, William Thomas witnessed Phillip Pardoe selling of 3500 lbs. of tobacco to Robert Kar 40 acres held by his father.

Pg. 226 Richard Hardy before his death made a deed of 150 acres in Surry Co. VA. to Thomas Brantley.

Pg. 550 Francis Hobbs and wife Mary sell to Edward Brantley 675 acres between land of Thomas Tooke, Francis England, Col. Nathaniel Bacon and the orphans of Thomas Murray 2-8-1667.


Historical Southern Families Vol. 1

Pg. 23 John Brown died in Surry Co. 1714, wife Eliza Brown 6-6-1714 left 1 son and 4 daughters as follows:

1. Sylvester Brantley Bertie Co. NC

2 Hester Brantley, the will of Hester probated in 1727 in Surry Co. VA mentioned her daughters Priscilla and Elizabeth and her 2 sisters Eliza Joyner and Grace Warren. Appoints James Wilson and James Piland executors.

3 Eliza married to Nehemiah Joyner

4 Grace married John Warren of Bertie Co. NC

5 Susannah Brown

Pg. 26 On 7-25-1737 the estate of Edward Brantley was appraised by Thomas Barrow.

Vol. V Pg. 37 Abraham Joyner III married Temperance Hart daughter of Fanny Brantley and William Hart d. 1800. Fanny Brantley was the daughter of Thomas and Martha Brantley of Northampton Co. NC who made his will in 1776. He was the son of Clay Brantley whose will was probated in Southampton Co. VA in 1775.

Vol. VIII Pg. 120 Churchill Gibson b. 1780 d. Aug. 1838 married Mary Brantley in 1805 Warren Co. GA. Mary was the daughter of Phillip Brantley, in his will dated 1819, Phillip leaves part of his property to Polly Gibson. Churchill was a very wealthy man owning many slaves, land and bank stock in Macon Ga. Their children were:

1 Henry b. 1808 d. 1851 m. Eliza Ann Fickling Locket  (2) Allen (3)  Epsey Reynolds (4) Elizabeth, after Mary died Churchill married a niece of Mary’s, Frances, and their children were: (1) Emily Frances (2) John Troup (3) Nancy or Mary Antoinette (4) Frances Ann (5) Thomas Jeptha and (6) Ann Brantley.