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Composed by Joanne Beverley Miller © on June 24, 1999

On wings of light the celestials flew,
With tidings bright for me and you.
A coming King to save the world!
Their message urgent, their wings unfurled.

"Repent your ways lest you be lost",
This coming King would bear the cost.
But first an infant He must be,
Before ascending Calvary.

And when He did, your soul would gain
Redemption through His bruised name;
His Father would accept your plea,
If you believed in Calvary.

Their edict voiced, their glory shed,
Away back home the seraphs sped,
To heaven now to watch and wait,
As mankind sealed their Master's fate.


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The painting used is "Angel Wings" by Lavarne Ross.
The white flowers at the edge, though, are added by me.
You may purchase copies of Mr. Ross's creations through the following websites:

L. Ross Studios    All Posters     Sweet Inspirations


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Thank you for respecting my work in this way.

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