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Liberty Land

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America the beautiful,
America the free,
America my homeland,
What have they done to thee?


The hate that festers round the world
Wed hoped to keep at bay,
Has finally broken down our walls
 And come to roost this day.

The nameless, faceless cowards
that brought The City tumbling down,
Forgot that this great country,
Will always rally round.

Filled with smoke and flames this night,
The City wears a shroud,
Yet turn your eyes upon the bay
Where Liberty still stands proud!

America the beautiful,
America the free,
America, my homeland--
The Land of Liberty!


Darkness looms over Lady Liberty
as she stands forever tall,
Holding her torch against the sky,
a light for one and all.

As smoke billows from the turmoil
and burns her watchful eyes,
She holds her head still taller
with her crown mounted on high.

Never shifting in her stance,
her feet will never rise.
Planted firmly built on the rock
where freedom was yet again tried.

Though many souls have fallen
for everything she stands,
She's a symbol to keep us from failing,
supported by God's mighty hand.

Lord protect our sworn allegiance,
restore our hearts and faith.
Guide us together into unity
so we will never lose our place.

As a beacon shinning to millions
a nation of free and of brave.
A country with pride and humanity
and an oath to protect and to save.

As thunder rolls with rumors
of war and untold fears,
Heal our wounds of terror
and wipe away our tears.


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