Some pictures taken at various stages of construction :

Updated: 8 Feb 2001


The two PC boards populated (except for the ICs)


 The diecast aluminium box that I am using with TEC, eyepiece tube, cold finger, Pentium CPU heatsink/fan and watch glass window (internal dimensions of the box 82x82x33mm)




The box lid with cutouts for the D-sockets and TEC/cold finger


The cold finger is attached through the hole in the lid to the heatsink/fan




The tested PCBs attached to box lid (the CPU heatsink/fan can be seen at the bottom)



The completed camera just before final testing


First light images - single 10 second exposure using a C11 at prime focus (2x2 binning) - Tucanae 47 Globular


A single 5 second exposure using a C11 at prime focus (1x1 binning) - Tarantula Nebula


In testing, the camera achieved a cold finger temperature of -80C with an ambient temperature of 230C

For parts availability in Australia see here

Thanks to Kenn Lynch for his invaluable assistance with construction


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