Our main purpose is ministering Jesus Christ to boys. To do that more effectively, we need innovative ideas to draw boys into the program. Got any ideas?

We need boys. Over the past couple of years the number of boys in the program has been diminishing.

We need men to serve as Rangers This year we have at least two openings for Rangers, but we can always use more men in our program as Rangers and Ranger’s helpers. We like to have a ratio of no more than 1 man per five boys. The smaller the ratio the better.

We always need Dads because Dads play several roles. Certainly as Rangers, and also as helpers because they want to participate in the program with their sons. Other Dads enjoy attending the special events with their sons, but already have other commitments for Friday nights.

There is one special program for Dads and their sons called Tree Climbers. In this group, the boys are generally 1st and 2nd grade (Ages 6 – 7), but many times Dads will come with their 5-year old son and stay with the Tree Climber program for three years instead of two. Bring your son once, and he won’t let you forget when the next Friday night comes along.


Since our Brigade unit is only loosely tied to a couple of churches, the Brigade leaders have traditionally supported the program for any costs over and above the registration fees. In addition, some support is usually provided by churches in the community. God is good, and we are excited to see how he will provide manna this coming year. He always provides.

Registration costs are paid at registration, as are the cost for the Stockader's books and uniform shirts. Annual registration with Christian Service Brigade Headquarters in Weaton, IL is $100 for Stockade, $100 for Battalion and $50 for Tree Climbers.

Costs over and above the registration costs include insurance, supplies, trophies, awards, and shortfalls in the registration fees. Any financial help is welcome, and greatly appreciated.

We have always operated by the principle that no boy would be turned away because of financial reasons.

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