On September 23, 2005 we launched another exciting year of Christian Service Brigade. Another year packed full of exciting 1-1/2 hour meetings beginning at 7:30 pm on Friday nights at the Westbrook School Gym in West Milford, NJ along with special events almost every month. Our Stockade program is for boys in grades 3 - 6 (ages 8 - 12).

Our meetings consist of a Game Time lasting about 30 - 45 minutes where the boys, and sometimes the men, expend a great amount of energy. This is followed by Post Time where each boy will be engaged in learning activities in a smaller group of boys his own age. Each Post is led by an man called a Ranger. Our time concludes with a Story Circle where one of the Rangers (or possibly a guest speaker) shares a story that will help the boys to develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

Special events begin with our Fishing Derby and Barbecue on Saturday afternoon, October 1st. Other events throughout the year include Mystery Night, Christmas Party, Father-Son Dinner, West Point Hockey Game, Snow Day, Pinewood Derby, and we close out the year with our Camp-Out in May

This program is conducted by men who are committed to developing friendships with the boys and sharing what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Bible plays an important role in this program. Dads are heartily encouraged to come out and join us during weekly meetings and the special events, and many dads do participate.

If you have any questions please contact one of the Rangers listed below:

Jerry Cross (Chief Ranger)