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I have pictured before and after pictures of some of my restorations / projects.

A friend of mine bought this JD 630 after it had been sitting outside for years.  I brought it home to get it running and then repaint it for him.

JD 630 before1.JPG (44106 bytes)            JD 630 before2.JPG (62862 bytes)

After some extensive cleaning and prep work, I shot my first two tone paint job.

JD 630 after.JPG (81067 bytes)

A friend of my family brought this Oliver Super 66 over to me to work on. 

Oliver before1.jpg (85189 bytes)

You can see from the picture that there wasn't much there to start with.  The head was professionally rebuilt.  I installed new sleeves and pistons.  The starter & generator were rebuilt.  After a very long search, a hood, front side panels, & rear panels were located and the tractor was repainted  The hardest part about this whole project was finding parts.

Oliver66-2.JPG (96707 bytes)            oliver66-final.JPG (165676 bytes)

He is still looking for the Oliver emblem that comes down the front of the cowl between the grilles.  If you have one or know where I could get one then please send me an email.

I rebuilt the transmission on this John Deere 70 diesel.  The man that owned this tractor had torn it apart, bought replacement gears, and never put it back together.  A friend of mine bought it and I put it back together for him.  We put in new bearings everywhere.  Then I got the pony and main engine running.  These pic's were taken shortly before I delivered the tractor back to my friend.

JD70diesel1.JPG (64041 bytes)            JD70diesel2.JPG (92615 bytes)

I have fixed up many tractors and pieces of equipment and not all of them are pictured here.  Please check out my collection page for pictures of my own equipment.