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True Stories of Ghost and other apparitions

Haunted Stories

Welcome to the most Up todate part of the site. I add New Stories Every Week or two..To make this part work, I need YOUR stories! It doesn't matter if the story you submit is yours (although it's preferable) or just a Ghostly experience a friend of yours told you. We want 'em all.Submit your story by e-mailing me with all of the details of your experience

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My Stories

The Squezzer
White Lady

Visitors' Tales

These tales are From the Eastern U.S. and are listed by State,
I am adding More stories Weekly so be sure to come back
and check my site out and see whats new!!
Most Links contain more than one Story for Example
"Ghost Stories Of ETSU" contains 6 diffrent Stories.

Showcase of the South: Birmingham, Alabama.
Ghostly Shadows : Clay Alabama
Athens State Collage

Union cemetary:Connecticut

The Ghost Dog- Dover:Delaware

Haunted house- Florida
Ghostly Hunter: Jax, Florida
The Lady with No Face: Sarasota FL.
Warning in the Night
You Can Check Out Any Time You Like

Curse blamed on an angry preacher
Haunted Grocery Store: Georgia
Waving girl : Savannah, Ga

Resurrection Mary- Chicago, illnois
Renchler Road-Bellville,Illinois
Ghost in my room-Illinois
Friendly Ghost:Burbank, IL
The Little Girl: Chicago, Illinois
Green Shadow:Unknown

The Screaming Bridge, Zionsville, IN
Scary Experience:Galveston Indiana
Indiana University
Haunted Bridge- Avon,Indiana
Dune State Park

Wolf of Lambert Rd: Scottsville Ky
BARDSTOWN CEMETERY:Bardstown, Kentucky
LIBERTY HALL:Frankfort, Kentucky
Little White Men

THE GHOST OF ROUTE 26- Poland: Maine

The Shadowlike Figure:Waltham ,Massachusetts
The House on Columbia Road: Boston, Mas
A tale from my mother's creepy house: Quincy Mas

The Pesky Spirit:Maryland
Signs in the Snow

Bower's Harbor Inn- Old mission Peninsula

Spooky Dream: St. Louis, Missouri

Out of Body Experience: Jackson, Mississippi

New Jersey
My House:Manville, NJ
Haunted car: NJ
Clinton Red Mill- Clinton NJ

New Hampshire
Janice's Ghost Stories- New Hampshire
A Visit from Pepere - Northfield New Hampshire

New York
Haunted House:Buffalo, NY
Mind Sharing a Dream?:NYC
Ghostly Entities : NYC
Haunted house :Salem, NY
Don't play with the Ouija board: Staten Island NY
Ghost's Of New York
Grim Reaper-Rome, Ny

North Carolina
Nolichucky River
Brown Mountain Lights
Maco light

My friend's story- Wayne county, Ohio
My Great Grandmother- Wooster, Ohio
The Dark Angel
Blue Light Ghost

Night Noises-Erie, PA
Ghost with a Sweet Tooth: suburbs of Phila
The Civil War Battle:Gettysburg , Pa
Nightly Visitor:Erie, Pa
Friendly poltergeist?: Plymouth, Pennsylvania.
Remnants of War
True Ghost Hunters tale..Gettysburg, PA

Rhode Island

South Carolina
Battery Carriage Inn-Charleston SC
Remnants of Shermans March:Winnsboro SC
The Plant Ghost:Conway SC.
Phantom Horseman: Columbia,Sc
Swamp Girl: Columbia,Sc
Dismal Swamp

Haunted Apartment- Clarksville, Tn
Poltergeist:Chattanooga, Tennessee
Haunted Cabin: Gatlinburg, Tn
Bell Witch
Ghost's Of Tennessee High:Bristol,Tn
Rotherwood Mansion: Kingsport, Tn
Ghost's Of ETSU: Johnson City,Tn
Nolichucky River
Tipton Haynes Cave: Johnson City, Tn
Veterans Affairs Medical Center: Johnson City, Tn

The Happenings: Northern Virginia
The Proctor House: Forestville, Virginia.
Rexsom Hall: Chester, VA
Sweet Briar Collage- Sweet Briar, Va
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West Virgina
Little Girl:Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
The Bedroom Window:Huntington, WV
Screaming Jenny:Duffields, West Virginia
Ghost on the Track

These Stories are from Other Areas
they are great stories and
worth taking a look at.

Other States
The Bishops palace -Galveston Texas
The Bar Ghost-WI
Haunted Deaf School- Delavan,WI
Oija Board- WI
Spirit: Littleton, Colorado
The Tools- Parker, Colorado
sewer scare colorado,auraura
A ghost at the Fort Davidison battlefield Ironton, MO
Dearest Grandpa:Oklahoma
The Clown Murder: Wichita Falls Texas
Encounter on a Country Road: Oklahoma
The Ghost that hated Pop Music: Wisconsin
Little Boy's Promise:Arkansas
Angels are Real:Phoenix AZ
Matty: Az
The Porcelin Clown:Austin,Texas
The poltergeist:California
Guardian Angel: New Mexico
Ghost by my bed: Oklahoma
A visit from my sister? Olympia, Wa
Boyfriend: Socorro, New Mexico.
A Beast in the Night: Socorro, New Mexico.
The Lady in the Yellow Dress: Socorro, New Mexico.
The Jealous Boyfriend: Austin Texas
John York House
Ghost Of Kings Tavern

Face in the Window:Saskatchewan, Canada
Haunted Dr's Office :toronto ontario

Other countries
The Phantom of the Night- Philippines
The poltergeist:Austrailia

Unknown Locations
Joshuas ghost stories- Unknown location
Ghostly experiences- Unknown location
Bloody Mary- Unknown location
A night at my friends- Unknown location
farewell knock- Unknow location
The Nasty Looking Man And The Little Girl- Unknown location
I Believe in Guardian Angels- Unknown location
The Bad ghost: Unknown location
Ghost in the Hallway:Unknown Location
Road to Nowhere: Unknown location
The poltergeist that Bites:Unknown location
White Shadow:Unknown location
Talk to me Grandmother: unknown location .
Friendly Spirit: Unknown location
The Man in Suite: Unknown Location

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I just won $50 from Lucky Search on 01/18/2008

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