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The Interim Board of the new Jamaican Royalty Collecting Agency - JACAP {Jamaica Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers}, which replaces PRS {Performing Rights Society} who are in the process of leaving the island, has unanimously elected Musician, Songwriter / Composer, and Arranger, Steve Golding as its chairman. We anticipate wise and efficient leadership.






New minimum rates became effective on December 15, 1998. All members should contact their local offices for details.



  •  ‘TOOLS OF TRADE’ Our hardworking unpaid team awaits the latest draft of the Entertainment Incentive Act that will address once and for all, the need for us as professionals to access State of the Art equipment and bring them into the island without a hassle at the ports of entry. We implore the relevant authorities to expedite this matter.

    ‘A Competition For Composers’

    This is sponsored by Sigma Alpha Iota [SAI] Philanthropies Inc. A competition for an original work for solo piano. The prize is a cash award of US$1000.00. Publication by C.F. Peters Corporation. The composer-judges: Eleanor Cory & Martin Mailman. Application Deadline - May 15, 1999.

    Since 1948 the IAMA has been SAI’s way of promoting contemporary composers of the America’s and their music. For complete guidelines and application forms, please contact Barbara Staton, Director IAMA at 10 Berkery Place, Alpine, NJ 07620-1079. Tel. 201-768-3868 Fax 201-768-3919


    Prior winners and students of Composer Judges are ineligible. SAI does not discriminate in matters of nationality, race, creed or sex.


    JFM Meets JHTA

    A meeting was held recently at the Terra Nova Hotel between JFM President, Desmond Young accompanied by Executive Member of the Cornwall Local, Randolph Charles and JHTA President Mr. James Samuels. Concerns were raised about emerging negative trends as it affects our members servicing the hotel circuit. The hiring of non-unionized amateurs only serves to downgrade the product and the displacement of entertainment workers especially by foreigners without work permit is illegal. A plan to address these concerns is being developed and we look forward to its implementation.




    Be smart and use a contract approved by the JFM. It dose not matter the source or nature of the job, USE A CONTRACT AT ALL TIMES. Never be in a hurry to sign unless you fully understand the details. Always get a second opinion from YOUR UNION, never judge a book by its cover.




    As representatives of GRM [FIM’s Latin American and Caribbean Regional Group], we were invited to and participated in this congress held in Bern, Switzerland, October 9-11. This exercise was well coordinated and very informative in terms of Musicians’ experiences across the globe which was by no means surprising as we seem to function the same regardless of the status of our nations.

    Some of the programs being developed in direct relations to the GRM touches: (a) the Musician legal status and his social protection (b) collective bargaining (c) collective management of intellectual property rights.

    The very important matter of protecting the live impression which is being threatened by On-Tracks Performances. The definition for live shows is ‘all live performance’ and consumer protection laws should reflect this. Of course, there are technical and economic reasons that one can bring to the argument, but one should carefully consider the social and cultural implications, as it impacts on the continuous motivation of our young people. To dilute the total live presentation only means profits to producers. It just amounts to fraud.

    Other important issues, in relation to piracy, the relationship between Union and Collecting Societies, Digital Technology and Performers Rights,the implications of digital broadcasting and the general development of strategies to ensure that our collective rights as musicians are protected.



    Dues - Reminder

    Payment of dues is annual and the year represents a calendar year Jan. - Dec. Effective January 1, 1999 all members in arrears should make an effort to rectify this. Please do so promptly.




    Knowledge is POWER

    This Business of Music

    M. William Krasilovsky & Sidney Shemel

    More About This Business Of Music

    M. William Krasilovsky & Sidney Shemel

    All You Need To Know About The Music Business

    Donald S. Passman

    Successful Artiste Management

    Xavier M. Frascogna Jr.

    H. Lee Hetherington

    Hit Men

    Fredric Dannen

    You And The Music Business

    John V. Mills

    The Musicians Business And Legal Guide

    Mark Halloran Esq.

    The Record Industry Home Study Course

    Mallory Earl

    Everything You’d Better Know About The

    Record Industry





    International Contacts

    Performing Artists’ Media Rights Association [P@MRA]

    Address: Fourth Floor, 80 Borough High Street, London SE1 1LL.

    Email: Website:

    Tel: 171-378-9720 Fax: 171-378-9715

    International Federation of the Phonographic Industry [IFPI] Secretariat

    Address: 54 Regent Street, London W1R 5PJ, UK


    Tel: 44 171 878 7900 Fax: 44 171 878 7950

    Phonographic Performance Limited [PPL]

    Address: 1 Upper James Street,

    London, W1R 3HG

    Tel: 0171 354 1000 Fax: 0171 534 1111



    BIG UP!

    Bucaneer —————————Da Opera

    Mikey Spice Spice Rack

    Black Uhuru————————Unification

    David Keane Triumph

    Robert & Jenieve Bailey———-Let Everything Be Known

    Junior Tucker Brand New

    Mikey Spice———————— Reggae Max

    United Force United Force

    Frisco kid————————— Finally

    Bengy Myaz Time Together

    Shalom————————— Baby I’ve Got News For You

    Israel vibration Pay The Piper

    Pam Hall—————————-Magic

    Pam Hall Bet You Don’t Know

    General Degree———————Bush Baby

    Chris MacDonald It’s Christmas

    Richie Stephens ——————- Winner

    The Ambassadors Yuh Free Paper Bun

    Grace Thrillers——————— Merry Christmas

    Tony Rebel Collectors Series 1 & 2

    Beres Hammond——————-Collectors Series

    Ras Shiloh Babylon Yuh Doom

    Rocky Dawuni—-——————Crusade

    David Kirton Stranger

    Jahmali—-—————————El Shaddi



    thohght for the year.........thought for the year..............thought for the year Be professional in all you do and secure the right advice from the right source at all times. Practice is an on-going exercise in an artiste’s development. One love!