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EVERYTHING on this page and the pages it links to is FREE No tricks No gimmicks
Below you will find links to all my ffa pages. A FFA page is a page that allows you to add your links for FREE. If you are a webmaster and you want to build traffic then this is a must! I would suggest that you come back no less than three times a week and submit your links to each of the free for all links pages listed below. Each page will allow only 50 links per category. What this means to you is that when you add your link you will be in the number one position of the category that you select. The next person that adds a link will push yours to the second position and so on until your link has been pushed off the page. USE your back button on your Browser to return to this page and submit your URL to the next FFA page. These Pages have been operating since 4/2/00  Bookmark this page. And GOOD  LUCK!



   Pages that make you place your link on them manually will keep your links listed for you for a longer amount of time than the a  site that advertises that you can submit to 5000 (or some other large number) sites automatically.

     The reason for this is that if you place your links on  a site that accepts these automated submissions, than that site will receive thousands of listing a day or ever an hour. Now how long do you think your links will last if you place it on a site that holds up to 50 links per category if that site also receives thousands of submissions. Your links will probably only last a few seconds. Now does that do you any good?

        Here  is another problem. If FFA site is accepting auto submission from one of these high volume services how many real people will ever see your link at all?  Well most cases ZERO.   A human doesn't visit the site to see an Ad you have listed a computer program does. What good is an ad that only last seconds or hours at best if not a single person will ever see it even if it were on the page for days?
   Did you know that if your site is listed on a search engine that the search engine will rank your site higher according to how many sites are linked to yours?  My FFA sites are indexed with all the major search engines meaning that when the engines spider my site (Note: APPROX. EVERY 60 DAYS they will spider all sites in their indexes) they will find your links and rank your URL  higher. What this means to you is you can get closer to the first or second page of search results instead of the 300th or some awful page that no surfer will ever get to. Once again a reason for listing with sites that your links will be on for longer amounts of time instead of one of those HIGH volume sites. What difference is high volume if the high volume is a computer program instead of a prospective customer?

    My FFA pages are each visited by real people. Every time a link is added the person adding the link has been on the FFA site in order to submit their own link. Your ad will be seen by that same real person. Who knows that person may just be the person who is interested in your service!

   Finally you can also build traffic to my FFA pages. Want to know why you would want to do this?  You should send out the link to this site to every webmaster  you know (How to forward instructions below).  Doing this will send them here they will benefit from the Free for all links and they also will see these tips. Then they will send the link to this site out to all the Webmasters they know and so on until tons of REAL PEOPLE are seeing your adds and adding links of their own.  Remember to bookmark this site and resubmit your links at least 3 times a week so you never let your URL slip off the ffa pages.

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Send this page to your webmaster friends by:
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3) From the pop out menu select link by e-mail.
That's it now all you have to do is select the people you want to send to and presto it will go to them.


This site has a ZERO tolerance for spamming Don't do it!
Auto submitters for FFA's

OK for those of you who would like to use the auto submitter here are the best ones I have found and believe me I have looked at most of them.  You will receive a crap load of e-mail by using these services.
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