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Jeanne Crain Books

Books in which Jeanne Crain's picture name or both appear

In Order of Date

The Movie Makers by Sol Chaneles and Albert Wolsky (published in 1974)  Jeanne Crain is on pg 109 - 110  it has a short bio and a picture of miss Crain.

Life Goes To The Movies (published in 1975) Has pictures of Jeanne Crain's Life covers as well as pictures from articles of Life magazines.

The MGM Story by John Douglas Eames - Jeanne Crain is in a few movies from this studio, such as The Fastest Gun Alive, Hot Rods To Hell, and Skyjacked.  This book has a write up of each of these movies, and has a picture of miss Crain in Hot Rods to Hell.

Being and Becoming by James Kotsilibas-Davis and Myrna Loy (published in 1987) This is the autobiography of Myrna Loy, another wonderful actress who worked with Jeanne Crain in Cheaper by the Dozen as well as Bells on Their Toes.  In this book there are personal quotes of Miss Crain's opinion on Miss Loy.  Also in this book there are pictures of the two movies mentioned.

Hollywood At Your Feet The Story Of The World-Famous Chinese Theatre by Stacey Endres and Robert Cushman (published in 1992) Has pictures of Jeanne Crain's ceremony in 1949, placing her hand and foot prints in the cement and has a write up about Miss Crain.  Her ceremony is kind of interesting, her son Paul Brinkman Jr., when he was just a little child.  She is also is in another picture in this book assisting Mony Woolley at his ceremony in 1943.

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