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I am very interested in finding articles recent, or from the past which regard Miss Crain in any manner! 

If anyone out there has any articles on Miss Crain would you be kind enough to email me at

For those of you who are interested in the controversy over whether Miss Crain lives in California or England, here are two articles regarding this. 

Blackpool Gazette, Thurs 12 April 2001

Set Fair once again

    A former Hollywood film starlet who has lived on the Fylde coast for some years comes our of her self-imposed seclusion on Saturday night for the northern amateur stage premiere of a musical she once starred in. Lytham Amateur Operatic Society open their production of State Fair on Saturday night at the Lowther Pavilion and guest of honour will be the former Jeanne Crain - who appeared in the 1945 Hollywood version of the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical alongside Dana Andrews, Dick Haymes and Vivian Blain.

    These days, Jeanne Crain lives in semi-seclusion as Marjorie Calvert, spending her time doing voluntary work. More than half a century after attending the film's premiere she admits she doesn't quite know why she is going public this weekend.

    "They talked me into it, I suppose - and I agreed in a moment of madness," says Marjorie, who is the daughter of Marjorie Ward and former chart-topping British trumpet player Eddie Calvert. "I went to a similar one in New York a couple of years ago - and it was absolutely awful.

    "But it was a good film for me when I did it and I'm glad to help out." Of her early years, Marjorie says: "I was sent with a lot of other people to the USA when I was nine or 10 years old." She became a child star with MGM and "worked with them quite a few years", notching up several films - State Fair being the most memorable. MGM re-wrote her history, created Jeanne Crain and even at one time arranged a marriage of convenience to go with her wholesome girl next door image. When the Hollywood bubble burst she worked as a singer for a while, but never forgot her roots.

    "I used to come here every summer season when my father worked here," she says. "But I was kept apart from the rest of his family." Nevertheless, she grew to call the Fylde coast her home and her father bought her a house here.

    "I took my given name back and I've been Marjorie Calvert since I retired.

    "I occasionally agree to do dinners or banquets and I've done some character walk-on bit parts on television, but mostly I don't work at all," she admits. "Word sometimes gets around, but really Jeanne Crain is dead - she's had about four obituaries."

    But despite being publicity shy, she will be turning up at Lowther in a limousine.

    "Oh yes, you can take the girl out of Hollywood, but you can't take the Hollywood out of the girl," says Marjorie. She admits to having been married "a couple, well, a few times" and has "children" - one of whom, Peter Hamel - also an actor, will be her escort on Saturday.

     State Fair is being staged from Saturday until April 21 (no show Easter Sunday).


Lytham St Annes Express, Thurs 19 April 2001

Film star's nostalgic journey

    A former Hollywood film star caused a stir when she arrived in Lytham - to see the stage show of the movie that made her famous.

    Jeanne Crain, who has now reverted to her real name of Marjorie Calvert, made a rare public appearance on Easter Saturday as a guest of Lytham Amateur Operatic Society to see their production of State Fair.

    Arriving by stretch limousine at Lowther Pavilion, she was greeted by autograph-hunting fans before enjoying the show, which is being staged nightly until Saturday.

    A star of the 1945 Hollywood production of the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical, Jeanne spent much time on the Fylde coast as a child, as her trumpet-playing father, Eddie Calvert, worked here.

    She has now retired to the north-west.

    Keith Painter, local representative of the National Operatic and Dramatic Association, said Miss Crain said how much she had enjoyed the show.

    He added: "It was a really uplifting and enjoyable evening. "The production sizzles with excitement, humour and obvious enjoyment from a hugely talented cast."


    As to my opinions of whether or not this is the real Jeanne Crain, I believe it not to be.  Why anyone would want to impersonate Miss Crain is beyond me, but there have been stranger things happen in this world. 

    I won't tell you all this without supporting evidence though.  First of all Miss Crain was NOT a child star, like the articles claim.  She was in her first movie at the approximate age of 18.  Second of all Miss Crain was never under contract to MGM.  Also the film State Fair was made by 20th Century Fox, to which Miss Crain in the article says that it was made by MGM. Wouldn't the real Miss Crain know of the studio she worked at??  Maybe after so many years she may have forgotten which studio the film was made at but I doubt that she would claim the wrong studio as the studio which she was under contract. 

   I am really amazed at all of this.  I truly think that this person is an imposter, but I have never met either Jeanne Crain, so I don't know the whole story.  Miss Crain has been out of the lime light for so long, it is rather strange that she would suddenly appear publicly again.  In the end it is one's own personal choice as to who the real Jeanne Crain is.


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