AM General Hummer

Presently most 4x4 vehicles are striving to be comfortable sedans which rarely venture off road. The Hummer is the opposite in every respect and is the ultimate civilian utility vehicle able to cross any obstacle. The US. army extensively uses this vehicle in many diverse roles. It boasts a V8 diesel engine, with an automatic transmission, 4 wheel independent suspension with 4 wheel disc brakes. A panel inside the cab enables the driver to control tire pressure for different terrain. The vehicle is able to climb 12" stairs, crawl up cliffs, or run sideways on a 40% slope. However, the vehicle is quite wide at 2.2 m, making parking difficult.

Q Evaluation: Although I feel this is an American military behemoth, this ATV does have some impressive capabilities which are not overlooked by Q-branch. It out performs other ATVs for extreme terrain conditions, and its massiveness (3.5 tons) combine with its utilitarian nature make it a prime candidate for modification. Since such vehicles are popular in the civilian environment, especially in North America, it would be appropriate to assign agents with the Hummer who expect to travel off road extensively. Considering that the opposition often operates in remote areas, a Hummer has already been equipped for RECON missions. -Q

Game Information: The Hummer is at a -1EF for quick turns due to its poor handling, but receives +3EF on safety checks. It also ignores weather modifiers and receives a +3 EF on any trick or manoeuvre involving the crossing of unusual terrain. Note that depending on the circumstances of the chase a vehicle in pursuit over such terrain may receive a -1 to -5 EF penalty to follow the Hummer.

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
-2         3            50          80           320         4         13       30000



The jeep is based on the original design introduced in 1952, for general military purposes. The 4.0 L 6 cylinder and 5 speed manual gear allows the jeep to perform with good all terrain aptitude. However, the chassis of the vehicle is more concerned with historic style rather than aerodynamic drag, likening its handling to a granite slab with wheels. Part of the style is a standard integrated tubular rollbar, providing it with a distinctive trendy look popular with many liberal minded women in North America.

Q Evaluation: One is likely to find such a vehicle in many para-military organizations due to its universality. It does not have any useful characteristics for modification. Many of our agents experienced with automobile usage or form military backgrounds can often hot-wire jeeps, consequently they become useful distractions or get away vehicles. -Dr. Walter Cobbett.

Game Information: The jeep is very manoeuvrable gaining +1 EF to quick turns and double backs. The jeep ignores terrain modifiers up to -2 EF, but does not ignore weather or receive a bonus as does the Hummer. Hot wiring of a jeep can be achieved on an EF=7 with Driving or electronics. The top value is the modern 6 cylinder jeep, the bottom is the cheaper 4 cylinder or the utility vehicle likely to be found in the field. Jeeps receive an additional -1 EF at night or in fog due to poor visibility through the windshield.

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
0            4            40            100       330        2          6        10000
-1           5            40             90        280        2          6         7500


Land Rover Defender 110

A British made ATV which has a powerful 3.9L-V8 engine coupled to a 5 speed manual transmission, designed for the adverse conditions of the safari. It was originally introduced in 1948, and the body was built of aluminium since steel was in short supply after the war. Additionally, the body design is purposely narrow to allow movement through trees. There is a large fold down bench in the back of the rover making it capable of carrying up to 9 occupants. Due to its large engine torque the defender can pull heavy loads of up to 1750 lb. Many remote areas of former English colonies still utilize the Rover, and the unique look of such vehicles still ensures a contemporary following.

Q Evaluation: It is one of the most common safari vehicles through-out the world, and its design has survived the test of time. Only now is it being challenged by the Hummer. However I believe that the reliability and familiarity of this British design will continue to make it a primary choice for off-road missions. M16 agents have used these vehicles on multiple occasions and do not usually comment on the Rover’s performance, but rather on its reliability in getting to a location. Agent 009 used the vehicle extensively in Africa and was able to maintain it through all types of adversity. Unfortunately ever time one is assigned to 006 it ultimately becomes a casualty. -Q

Game Information: The rover receives a +2 EF on any manoeuvres over rough terrain, and ignores most weather conditions where any other vehicle would suffer full penalties or may not be able to traverse. The vehicle is at a +2 EF to be repaired using driving or survival skills.

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
-2           3            55          105        240        3          10       28000



This is an exotic high-performance coup with good engineering and performance, but it lacks the nerve of equivalent European sports cars. The body is almost entirely aluminium and the engine is just rear of the vehicle's centre. It has a patented unique centrally designed V6 engine coupled to a manual 5-speed or automatic 4-speed transmission. However, it requires high RPM to reach top speeds and thus does not have the power of other cars in the class. Other features include black ergonomic and homogeneous interior, quality materials and finish. The steering can be vague at high speeds and the high turning radius makes the auto less agile. Conversely the maintenance and reliability are better than the other exotic automobiles. It is a marvellous toy for yuppies.

Q Evaluation: Most high performance sports cars feel as if they have power to spare when the driver reaches his tolerance for safety. However the NSX feels as if it is approaching its maximum performance when pushed to safety limits. Although it allows excellent handling, the little bit extra is always lacking, which shakes the confidence of our more daring agents. A vehicle often needs to be able to be pushed beyond its limits in the field. This is really too bad since the centralized motor could allow extensive modification at both ends of the vehicle. Apparently, the Japanese do not feel the same way since they are know to use extensively modified NSXs in the field. -Dr. Walter Cobbett.

Game Information: Although the car has good game statistics, it does have several disadvantages. To represent the lack of extra power the PM of the vehicle is lost when performing trick manoeuvres, or anytime there is a bid under the red line. Bids at the red line are half the PM. Additionally, a -1 EF occurs for safety checks when biding at the redline or less, cumulative with PM loss.

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
+2         2             95         155         355         2          6           43k

Alfa Romeo Cabriolet Spider

This car design is a return to a nostalgic past, and portrays a classic image for the driver. It was originally introduced in 1966, and the 90’s version is merely a replica with a few cosmetic changes. The acceleration produces sensations exclusive to exotic cars, but the technology happens also to be classic. The spider has good handling, traction and comfort, but without the refinements of more contemporary cars. The safety, suspension, technology, and braking remain sub-standard. It is appealing to the nostalgic, those seeking a certain ambience, or to the feminine market due to its exotic looks.

Q-Evaluation: We at Q-branch often show our age by being partial to such automobiles, and fall into the class of nostalgic drivers. Although it cannot compete with modern engineering, the inside of this car reminds us of the old days when we tinkered around in garages up to our elbows in grease to the wee hours of the morning. Although much of the technology is outdated, we have a rich source of modifications archived in warehouses for such automobiles. Therefore we have begun to encourage technically minded Rookies to modify such cars as part of their training. Consequently we have several Spiders with classic modifications available to lower ranking rookies and agents. Just because technology is old, does not mean it is ineffective, especially with proper deployment.-Q

Game Information: The Spider is still an agile car and gains a +1 when performing quick turns.

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
+1          4            60         115         260         2          5        15000

Aston Martin DB7
Aston and Lagonda are now owned by the Ford Motor Co., which is why they can come back at all. Ford also owns Britain's legendary Jaguar. Not coincidentally, there is much similarity in the DB7 Volante and the Jaguars of recent vintage. The richness of interior detail and the lovingly crafted exteriors closely parallel.
DB7: The Power comes from a supercharged, 3.2-liter, in-line six-cylinder engine that makes 335 horsepower and 361 pounds-feet of torque. When fed through a four-speed automatic the engine gives the DB7 a refined, executive feel. As pleasant as car's acceleration might be, its weight comes through when negotiating tight corners. The smooth, sleek curves on this car are perfect, giving the car less drag and more style.
Vantage: The Vantage name has been used by Aston Martin since 1950 to identify the highest performance model in a particular range. Since the DBS model in 1972 a Vantage derivative has included changes to the specification of the brakes, steering and suspension to match the improved performance. A Vantage model of the Aston Martin DB7, with a maximum speed in excess of 180 mph powered by a totally new 420 horsepower 6.0 litre V12 Aston Martin engine which incorporates a series of advanced design features. This advanced engine design  uses high grade aluminium alloys to optimize strength, rigidity, durability and refinement. However the vehicle suffers somewhat from poor handling on wet surfaces, and poor maneuverability in tight turns. The car is also very expensive to run since it has very poor fuel efficiency.
Q Evaluation: As part of my training to qualify for Q branch section head, I was required to modify a new vehicle. I went back to the Q branch basics and chose the DB7 vantage.  I impressed Q by demonstrating that level IV armour does not have to alter performance, if it is used in the right auto. Additionally I added some unique modifications to this vehicle to complete my qualifications.  I hear the car will be assigned to the '00' section, thus I think it will require more than level IV armour to survive.-R

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR    COST
+2         2             90         171        427       3          8          65k
Receives a +1QT, and +1DB bonus.

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
+2         2           100        185        268       3           9           75k
This car receives no extra bonuses to maneuverability due to its increased weight and large turning radius. It also suffers an additional -1EF in wet conditions, or rough country roads. Due to sheer power and design flexibility if this vehicle is outfitted with level IV armour it suffers no PM penalty. In fact any modification which causes a reduction in performance is generally ignored.
Sources for the description: AstonMartin

Aston Martin Virage-Volante

A authoritative regal design effort with superb lines and high performance, everything that is expected from Aston Martin. This new breed of Aston Martin is meant to compete for buyers of other more traditional sports cars. Consequently the design is over-compensated for novice drivers, and does not give the driver the same sense of power and control as the older models. Never the less the new Virage is a gentleman's sport coupe, with a stiff upper lip air, and represents a distinct status symbol.

Q-Evaluation: This modern effort from Aston Martin still fulfils much of what we require for MI6 work, but it is not the lion of a auto that the DV-V is. It doesn't perform nearly as well when our more experienced drivers take the wheel. However, Q-branch did have a small hand in its production and design, so many standard modifications that we often add can actually be done during its manufacture or easily inserted after. We have made a deal with Aston Martin and receive one vehicle a year in exchange for technical assistance. Often we try our more exotic weapon systems on these automobiles first. Due to availability many agent level operatives have been able to try out a fully loaded Virage, making them crave ‘00’ status.-Dr. Walter Cobbett.

Game information: Due to design flexibility the cost for all modifications is 20% less. Additionally 2 more structural points worth of modifications can be placed in the vehicle. All Q-branch virages start with level-3 armour and tracking screens as standard options.

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
+2         2             90         155         210         3        9         75k

Audi S4

This automobile represents the high standards expected from Audi, with great attention to safety and performance. The S4 is characterized by features such as 4WD and a 230HP turbocharged 5-cylinder engine, coupled to a 5 speed manual transmission. The 4 wheel drive plus many other built in impact protection measures ensures driver safety. The S4 differs only slightly from the more practical Audi 100 coupe, and is only distinguishable by small chrome text on the outside. In terms of performance, handling and safety this is a fine car for all purposes.

Q-evaluation: Due to its indistinguishable nature from the less powerful Audi-100 and its outstanding performance it makes an excellent vehicle for espionage purposes. We generally assign low risk agent rank personnel with this automobile, with only a few modifications. Its performance in such capacities has been exemplary and has increased survival chances of field agents. However, due to its availability the opposition sometimes may use such vehicles, as was the case of 2 field agents who were captured after trying to outrun the Russian mob in Audi S4s. The agents were very competent and managed to escape from their holding area, steal one Audi in the ‘get away’, and disable the other S4s.-Dr. Walter Cobbett

Game Information: The vehicle receives +1 EF on quick turns and ignores weather modifiers. Note, that from all the safety options any mishap the vehicle suffers will lower the wound level on the driver by 1. The upper values are for the S4, while the lower values are for the 100 model.

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
+2          2            70           130       400         2          7        28000
    0          2            70          130        380         2          7         22000


The S8 body and under-frame are all-aluminium, and the engine is a 4.2-litre quad-cam 32-valve V8 with 250 kilowatts and torque of 410 Newton-metres. Audi added large  rims and low-profile tyres,  and Xenon gas-discharge headlamps, which deliver a clear white light without dazzle. The S8 has quattro all-wheel drive as standard, but for extra grip a  electronic stability program (ESP) was introduced, which reads the driver's cornering inputs and holds the car to the predicted line. Add to that an electronic differential lock and anti-slip control, along with quattro and self-levelling rear suspension, and you have unbelievable road grip. With this comes tremendous brakes, with ABS and extra electronic control in emergency stops, so the rocket-ship performance is well-tamed. Road noise is surprisingly low, and the ride quality, is excellent although it can get a little jiggly over small continuous bumps.
Q-Evaluation: Some vehicles fit every feature Q-branch seeks for a vehicle, and the Audi-S8 is in this category. Like many modern vehicles the sophisticated electronics allow us to route many weapons and vehicle options to the dash board. However, some of our more experienced agents find that the handling of this car is much too sterile, and that the computer compensated corning dulls the feel of road in critical situations (i.e. high speed). Personally, I do not think this limitation is very significant, and most likely saves some our vehicles in field from destruction.  Regrettably we cannot purchase every high end car which comes on the market, and therefore we only modify these vehicles if an agent purchases them for their private use. The gentleman's sport car image appealed to 005, and he had us fully modify his Audi S8. - Dr. Walter Cobbett.
Game Information:

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
 +2         2            90          155        312        3           9            ?
The aluminium frame gives a +1 to the Strength of the S8. The vehicle may ignore any chase modifiers due to weather and which do not greatly affect visibility. Additionally the ESP program gives the car a +1 EF on quick turns, double backs, and safety checks. However this same program prevents the driver from being able to bid under the redline(2) in a double back or quickturn. If the bid is lower than the red line due to conditions beyond the drivers control (i.e. opponent's bid), than the +1 is lost for quick turns and double backs only. Lastly,  one head light option, either  Dimmer or Halogen burst can be installed free of STR point costs.
Sources of description: Road Test

Bentley Arnage
The average Bentley buyer, according to company research, is worth $18 million, loves the Good Life, maintains a collection of art or vintage cars, and already has a small fleet of five or six vehicles, including  a top-end Mercedes. Bluntly put, the Arnage is not going to be bought simply as a way to get from Point A to Point B. Its fundamental appeal is to the emotions, not to the intellect. It represents extreme style and refinement available only to the richest.
    If slippery road conditions such as oil, ice or mud are encountered, the Arnage stability control system will intervene automatically to help the driver retain full control. At the heart of the system a microprocessor monitors traction with wheel speed data and reacts via fuel metering and will also apply the rear brakes to prevent either of the driven wheels from spinning.
Green Label:The Green Label Arnage's twin turbo-charged engine produces 350 horsepower, which is close to that of the Red Label, but delivers dramatically less torque (420 lb. ft.). Naturally enough, the interior of the Arnage is befitting of a machine in this price bracket. Connelly leathers, Wilton carpets and liberal use of wood veneers create a plush environment. All manner of comforts are also available, from air-conditioning (with climate control) to cruise control. A stereo system is fitted as standard, with a 6-CD changer. According to Bentley, extensive use of computer design helped create an ergonomically sensible interior and a more supportive driving position.
Red label: The heart of the car  is the massive, turbocharged, 6.7-liter engine, which produces 400 horsepower and more torque (619 lb. ft.) than any other production sedan in the world. Additional technical features on the Red Label include satellite navigation and electronic parking sensors, a re-engineered suspension that includes traction control, and speed-sensitive steering, making for a vehicle that can stand  head-to-head with the finest from any manufacturer today.
Q-Evaluation: Although we have a history of utilizing Bentley automobiles in MI6, we can no longer afford such luxury when better performance cars exist. However the wealthy individuals which we often investigate are known to appreciate the prestige of this automobile. TAROT's kidnapping section head Boris Deminovitch is known to have one of these vehicles modified with a secret compartment which is able to smuggle people undetected. In this way he is able to cross borders with the victim, usually into Russian mafia controlled areas of the old soviet union. We assume the car is also extensively modified to detect and thwart pursuit. We hope to design a vehicle able to track and disable this Bentley without harming the kidnap victim, but Deminovitch is remarkably efficient. -Dr. Walter Cobbett.
Game Information:
Green Label

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
+2         3            90          150         385         3        10       100k
Due to large turning radius and weight this car receives -1 EF on quick turns and double backs. The car receives a +1EF vs wet road modifiers. Owning such a car gives a +1 on charisma or seduction to those who are impressed by that sort of thing. The Satellite Navigation system comes as a normal option in this vehicle, and thus costs no STR points.

Red Label

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
+2         3            90          155          375         4         11       110k
Due to large turning radius and weight this car receives -1 EF on quick turns and double backs. The car receives a +1EF vs wet road modifiers. Owning such a car gives a +1 on charisma or seduction to those who are impressed by that sort of thing. The Satellite Navigation system comes as a normal option in this vehicle, and thus costs no STR points. Additionally if this car is outfitted with level IV armour it receives no PM penalty, due its powerful engine.
Sources of description: Zgas  Bentley-dealer  Roadtest


This is a sleek businessman's choice, which is designed for high performance and prestige. The 750 iL boasts a V12 engine, however it appears to make little difference in performance over the V8. The transmission can be automatic or standard and the engine is equipped with a bosch motoronic computer which limits Maximum speed to 155mph. Overall the automobile is well designed with good attention to detail, which makes driving a cross between sport performance and limousine comfort. Additionally, it is well sound proofed and the engine has a very low decibel level.

Q-evaluation: Another distinctive choice for Q-branch to consider, it packs excellent performance with luxury. It is good choice for a agent who is using a cover of a universal exports consultant or similar business. We recently outfitted such an automobile, due to it’s highly computerized nature, with a remote control device which was small enough to be disguised into a cel phone. The idea was that for lone agents the car could come to where ever the agent was and offer protection. All options, including weapon systems can be routed through such a device. Further stealth options are also a excellent possibility, it is a preferred choice for a long term vehicle of agents in the European community. Unfortunately our ‘00’ section tends to use such technology as risk free weapons, namely 007 on the Tomorrow never dies mission. I’m still rather cross with his flagrant mis-use of the vehicle.-Q

Game Information: The remote control device controls the vehicle with a PC that is averaged between driving and electronics skills. If this PC is lower than 21 then apply a -1 EF to control the vehicle remotely, or -2 EF if the controller has a PC=15 or lower. The vehicle is also stealthy and receives a -2 EF to be detected by sound, which could be improved as an option to -3 EF similar to the Mazda RX-7 (see Q-manual).

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
+1         2             80          155        300         3          8         55000

BMW 850I

This is a V12 engined coupe which is meant to compete with Ferrari and Lamborghini, and is infused with sophisticated technology. It features electronically controlled shock absorbers which can be programmed to 3 different settings: comfortable, sports, and a third option which lowers the riding height by half on smooth roads. A system also controls traction loss, which is based on sensors detecting differences in rpm per wheel. It is not as agile as the competition, mainly due to weight and concentrates much more on comfort and safety. Never the less it is very prestigious automobile.

Q-Evaluation: Due to its weight it makes a good candidate for considerable modification. Additionally, its lower price than other cars in its class makes it a workhorse performance car for agents of good ranking on the continent. Indeed prominent German and French agents have started to be assigned these automobiles. It should be noted however that not all agencies modify cars as extensively as Q-branch, in fact only the Japanese, CIA and Italians do similar work to us. A typical assigned vehicle in other agencies may include armour I, protective tires and potentially one other option. Q-branch has often been criticized with trying to change sports cars into the equivalent of grounded fighter aircraft, at close to the same cost. However I would argue that the shear power of the unexpected arsenal of weapons often achieves an advantage and has been shown to contribute to mission success, time and time again. -Dr. Walter Cobbett.

Game Information: The BMW is not as agile as its competitors, and only receives a +1 EF on double back manoeuvres. However it is very structurally sound allowing considerable modification. European fellow agents will likely have such automobiles available.

PM     RED    CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
+1         2             95         155         330        3           8           60k

Cadillac: Presidential Limousine

There at least 4 of these vehicles in the US and are crafted specifically for the president by GM Cadillac. It is based on the Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, but has an extended and extremely reinforced Steel/Titanium body. The limo is powered by a V8, 5.7L 260 hp engine which is likely highly modified, and is coupled to an electronically controlled automatic transmission. For its size and mass it is actually fairly agile, but is meant to speed away or take direct ordinance damage, rather than participate in an involved chase.

Q Evaluation: Literally this modified limo is the equivalent to an elegant tank. Much of the black box technology that may be present in this car is of the highest sensitivity and top secret, and therefore will not be mentioned. Needless to say, only the most determined and technologically superior assassins would attempt to kill the head of state while in such a car. Additionally several of the vehicles exist making effective decoys.-Q

Game information: The statistics already include level 4 armour and extensive modifications to suspension, power and handling. Due to its lumbering length the limo receives -1EF on quick turns, and -2EF on tricks. However its massive force ratio gives it clear advantage in force manoeuvres. It should be noted that even a tank running over the vehicle may burst the tires but would not crush the body. This vehicle is detailed only as a possible focus for a scenario involving a top ranking dignitary or the president. GMs should fill in the details of the black box technology which could include stealth, anti-missile, and gas or electrical traps, plus many other possibilities.

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
0            4            60           120        370        6         10        200K?

Compact to Full size sedans

These automobiles, generally are for mass consumption and reflect a balance between performance and price. There are too many to list, but a few examples show the range of characteristics for such cars. The attempt was to give a wide selection of vehicles, so that such stock vehicles could be used as generic defaults if needed in chases. Often 2 versions of a car are presented, one which has a higher performance rating.

Q Evaluation: The car industry has become much more safety and performance oriented in recent years, which is good for the average civilian, but harder for agents to escape pursuit. However many of the vehicles do not last the test of time, and a well maintained sportscar will always win. -Dr. Walter Cobbett

Game information: In general these cars have statistics based on when they were first manufactured. For every 4 years after that date either raise the red line by 1 or reduce the performance modifier by 1.

Vehicle                 PM         RED         CRUS         MAX         RGE         FCE         STR         COST

Buick Century         0             5                 50             110             295             2                6             10000

Chevrolet Caprice   0             4                 50             110             370             3                8             10000

LeBaron Convertible 0          4                 50             105             285             2                6             13500

New Yorker             +1            4                 65             125             325             2                7             15000

Ford Taurus (base) 0             5                 50             110             310             2                 6              9000

Ford Taurus (SHO) +1          4                  70             130             290            2                 6            15000

Honda Accord         +1          4                  60             130             380             2                 6            10000

Hyundai Sonata (base) -1     5                  50             110             310             2                 6             6500

Hyundai Sonata (V6) 0         4                   50             110             310             2                 6             8000

Nissan Sentra             +1       4                   60             110             390             2                 5             8000

Pontiac Bonneville     0         5                   50             110             340             2                 7            14000

Saturn SL                     0         5                   50             100             365             2                 5             6500

Saturn SC                    +1        4                   60             120             325             2                 5             8000

Corolla                          0          4                   60             110             340             2                 5             8000

Camry(base)                 0         5                    50             110             395            2                 6            10000

Camry(V6)                     +1       4                    60             125            350             2                 6            12000

Golf-Jetta CL                 -1        4                    60             110            360             2                 5             6000

Golf-Jetta GL                 0         4                     60             120            340             2                 5             8000

Dodge Viper RT/10

This is a savage and peculiar looking update of a classic sports car. It has a V10 block similar to a truck and is capable of reaching 400 hp at 6000 rpm. The only transmission is a complex 6 speed and the interior is rather claustrophobic. It does have a quality finish outside, but is meant for show due to its unusual body design. The limits of the machine's power are not easily achieved, however the awesome power of the auto is best used in a straight line due to its poor handling. It is an impractical car which has made sacrifices in comfort, safety, noise, and fuel consumption for fantastic power.

Q-Evaluation: We were considering this automobile for American missions until we had an agent test drive it and spin out. The appearance also is too distinctive for espionage. However the CIA doesn’t feel the same way and has out fitted some of their more obsequious agents with this demon. I would like to try out this beast myself, since I have heard it is like being pushed by a hurricane.-Dr. Walter Cobbett.

Game Information: The auto receives -2 EF safety checks during any mishap not involving pursuit/flee manoeuvres. The auto also receives a -2 EF on quick turns and double backs. However if the driver has a least a PC=21 in driving, these negatives decrease to only -1.

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     FCE     STR     COST
+3         4             80         165           3          7        40000

Ferrari 456 GT 2+2

This is a completely new engineered car, and as with other Ferrari models there is a waiting list to receive them. It boasts a unique aluminium alloy body welded to a tubular steel frame forming a very rigid assembly. The amalgamation of these 2 materials is usually impossible, but Italian engineers have incorporated a material called ‘Feran’ which is a chemically treated steel sheet that eliminates electrolytic action. Other features include an integrated moveable flap on the rear bumper that reduces car lift as a function of speed and electronically adjusting shock absorbers which adjust to road clearance. It is powered by a V12 engine and has a quality finish with all new designed parts. This new Ferrari is state of the art with princely handling, superb lines and more safety then previous models. Overall, it is a well thought out and superbly technical automobile.

Q-Evaluation: When I look at all the innovations I do on a regular basis for Q-branch, and compare it to my salary I’m often dismayed. To see an engineering marvel such as the 456 GT be available and appreciated by the general public turns that dismay into severe depression. After the release of this automobile we approached several of the personnel responsible, but they balked at the low salary we offered. Their innovations have allowed us to solve many of the technical problems we routinely encounter and have allowed certain projects to transfer from drawing board fantasy to reality. We have only one Q-branch 456 GT due to budget and availability. Half a dozen plans wait to be implemented on this vehicle, and the final modifications will no doubt be tested driven by a ‘00’ rank. Unlike some vehicles which are a battle to modify and maintain original performance, the 456 GT is a dream due its elegant design concepts. -Dr. Walter Cobbett.

Game Information: This Ferrari receives a +2 EF when performing quick turns, and a +1 EF when performing double backs or trick manoeuvres. It will likely only be assigned as a fully modified vehicle to ‘00’ rank characters.

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
+2         2            100         185        340         2          7         130k

Ford Mustang GT (new)

Overhauled to today's taste, the lines of the new Mustang have all the features that made the proceeding models a success. The presentation is dynamic without being aggressive, and 85% of the assembly is completely new.
The GT with its 5L-V8 engine, is for the most part a good performance vehicle updated to today's standards. However the re-design has taken its toll incorporating some old technology and having only medium manoeuvrability.

Q Evaluation: Although its road statistics are impressive, Q-branch feels that this automobile does not have the durability compared to other high performance cars. We will not likely modify these or assign them any time soon. They represent a rebirth from era of muscle cars, into a time were safety and reliability are supreme marketing strategies. The car does have good performance, but we feel it does not have the guts of its progenitors and is lack lustre compared to many better engineered contemporary vehicles. Consequently the CIA also would rather modify European or Japanese made vehicles. However, agents have encountered them in the field, usually in the hands of civilians who fancy they can compete with the more elegant cars. Unfortunately, the vehicles do perform remarkably well in chases and have embarrassed several of our agents.-Dr. Walter Cobbett.

Game Information: In order to reflect its mediocre handling, a -1 EF is applied to quick turns. It however suffers from decline if not maintained, much the same as outlined under compact and medium sedans.

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
+2         2             80         140         260        2           7         ????

Ford Probe-GT

This was a sport vehicle that was meant to replace the Mustang, but now competes with that vehicle. It has a quality finish with a safe design that allows good power at all speeds of the V6 engine. Performance is above average but not outstanding, and scores good marks in such areas as fuel economy, comfort and pricing.

Q-evaluation: A practical car, usually confined to North America. Most often field agents will encounter such vehicles in the hands of law enforcement. In such cases most assigned vehicles to agents should be effective at outrunning any pursuit. Of coarse this is not official policy. -Dr. Walter Cobbett.

Game information: Police cars are often probes in North America, and so they should receive police car modifications (p59 in Q-manual). Probes receive +1 on double back manoeuvres. Note the bottom statistics are for the 4 cylinder base Probe, either may be used for law enforcement.

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
+1         3             70         130         330         2         6         10000
0           4             50          110        360         2          6           7500

Lexus SC400

Lexus developed this car to directly compete with the European monopoly on sport and prestige cars. It has a mixture of elements from Audi, BMW and Mercedes, and in fact it is known as the Japanese Mercedes. It has a unique aerodynamic style, with a well crafted steel body, 4.0L V8 engine, and an electronically controlled transmission. Overall it has excellent mechanics, performance and is remarkably silent.

Q-Evaluation: This addition to the Japanese auto industry gave that country's secret service an edge previously held by other European countries; availability to high performance luxury sedans. In Japan, many newly assigned Lexus vehicles are based on modifications first attempted on equivalent European sedans, and have lead to a new style of sophisticated Japanese secret agent. These automobiles are filled with state of the art black box technology, that is known to take several years to filter to us. However due to the high population density the Japanese rarely use heavy ordinance and rely on more subtle surveillance, stealth and computer technology. Luckily our relationship with the Japanese is very good, which has allowed several of our agents to try these extensively modified vehicles out. In fact the Japanese forbid the placement of our modified vehicles in their country, instead giving us full access to their vehicles, which run the gamut of modification packages, including a submersible. This Japanese policy allows control of the import of unregistered weapons of mass destruction, but also gives them a way to keep tabs on our operations. They may change their minds after our notorious automobile destroying ‘00’ rank are lent these vehicles.-Q

Game Information: These vehicles although suburb, are still meant for mass consumption, and therefore are a tamer than many European equivalents. Thus the car only receives a +2 EF on double backs, to reflect its good handling. The black box technologies can be assigned by the GM, and could include sensitive infrared cameras, electronic listening devices, GPS driven tracking, computers linked to traffic control, and/or jamming devices. Additionally the automobile is very silent receiving a -2 EF to be detected by sound, which can be further modified by insulation to -4EF.

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
+2          3            80           145      360         3           8        35000

Mazda MX-5 Miata

A simple car with drivers of all ages, gives a good feel of sporty driving at a reasonable price. Two groups of options are available, one for performance the other for luxury. Its power is easily transmitted through the manual gear box, and allows good control at all speeds. However it is meant for city or highway driving and suffers off-road or in inclement weather. The Miata is like a 4 wheel motorcycle, far out, unique, impractical and full of fun. Just as rational as sky diving, acrobatics and falling in love.

Q-Evaluation: For the money it is a good performance car, however its light structure does not allow for significant modification. Never the less, we have modified a few for some of our female agents, who seem to partial to the outgoing image of the car. However, we only assign these vehicles to missions in warmer climates, where roads are well maintained. Many of these field agents swear by the cat like agility of the Miata on city streets. I must admit they are rather fun to drive.-Dr. Walter Cobbett.

Game information: Due to its tight turning ability it receives +1 EF on double backs and +2 EF on quick turns. But receives an additional -1 EF in bad weather conditions or on non-paved roads. Off road manoeuvres are at -2 EF.

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
+1         3            60            120       295         2         5         11000

Mercedes Benz SL

The SL is one of the most prestigious autos built by Mercedes, which includes a high end V12 engine that allows 100 kph in 6.5s. The brakes and suspension are both electronically controlled and integrated. This Mercedes also features high safety, exotic performance, refined handling, manufacturing quality, over-all comfort and complete options. You glide rather than drive, and build confidence due to many innovations inherent in the design which would push the price up in other vehicles. Its power seems to have no limits, and allows exotic performance even though the vehicle is so heavy (2020 kg). The weight and electronics sterilizes the handling somewhat, but the sense of safety more than compensates.

Q Evaluation: These are a sturdy choice for agent vehicles, and have a good structural basis for modification. Q-branch has modified several of these vehicles for general purpose espionage use, and we give them top marks in the field. They seem to be quite sturdy, since 006 returned one barely scratched. Additionally, they are a classy choice which appeals to some discriminating agents. In fact it is a reliable choice for the agent ranks, on a case by case basis.-Dr. Walter Cobbett.

Game information: Due to good handling these vehicles receive a +1 on quick turns and double backs. Also due to good structural integrity these automobiles reduce DC of projectile weapons by 1 class, and reduce damage to occupants by one additional wound level. These bonuses are cumulative with armour.

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
+1         2            100         155        250         3          9           75k

SAAB 900 or 9000

Both of these cars represent an affordable alternative to other deluxe sedans in Europe. The engine has a electronic control system. These cars show manufacturer care, good handling and excellent brakes. The cars are reliable and a good choice for agent usage in many different types of covers.

Q-Evaluation: Agents may end up renting such cars on assignment in Europe. Luckily enough Q-branch has a good insurance company. -Q

Game Information: Receives +1 on double backs.

PM    RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
+1         4            60         120         320        2           6        20000


Subaru Justy 4WD

This sub-compact is one of the smallest autos to offer 4 wheel drive and ECVT (electronically continuously variable transmission). It is a car designed for the city, with an important advantage in inclement weather. However it has little other to offer the driver, being small, difficult to handle outside city roads, noisy and only has adequate comforts.

Q-Evaluation: Obviously an extremely under powered car for any purpose. However 008 reported good performance in New York, while out running Giovanni Di Fortelli’s goons in luxury sedans. Since she was familiar with the Soho district and its tight allies and roads, her high-jacked Justy was able to evade capture. After seeing two sedans crash, the actor who owned the car could not resist 008’s invitation to the opera that night as payment. Apparently she was very charming, since the actor has become an invaluable contact in Manhattan.-Q

Game Information: The Justy receives a +2 EF on quick turns, double backs and tricks on city roads only. The 4WD allows +1 EF against bad weather modifiers.

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
-2           5           40            95         310        2           4         5000

Suzuki Sidekick

This vehicle was designed to handle both country and city driving, but is not really meant for all terrain and is more like a small family car. It is usually offered as a 4x4, but considering its small mass and power, extensive off-roading is not suggested. The aerodynamic drag is worse than a small car but better than a jeep, however the engine does not have the torque of most ATVs. On the positive side its handling is much better than other ATVs.

Q Evaluation: Basically a yuppie mobile, which is pretending to be an all terrain vehicle. No field reports have been filed on the vehicle, and it is not suggested as reliable in the field. -Dr. Walter Cobbett.

Game Information: Receives +1 EF on country roads or in mud or snow. It is a good vehicle for a beautiful foil.

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
-1           5            40            90        248        2           5         7500

Toyota 2000GT
The Toyota 2000 is an auto which should have been in the original Q-manual, since it appeared in "You only live twice"  It is the stylish white convertible driven by Tiger Tanaka's agents in the 1960's and 1970's. It features pop-up headlamps as well as large aggressive driving lights behind glass panels. It has a long elegantly sculpted hood. In fact, in order to keep that hood as low as possible there were special access panels located on either side of the car which allowed the battery and air cleaner to be relocated low inside the engine bay. A scant 337 of the real car were produced between 1965-68. The car featured a 1988cc 6 cyl. DOHC engine producing 150 bph at 6600 rpm. Optional competition tuning could raise power to 200 bhp. The car used an all synchro 5-spd, and had disc brakes at all four corners..
Q-Evaluation: This was the first vehicle  reported to be modified by the Japanese Secret service. Although it is a classic it still has a nostalgic appeal, much like our use of the DBV or the Bentley. Even in 1968 the vehicle was reported to have a sophisticated communications system which allowed access to entire Japanese security net, with a visual camera identification system. Modern vehicles have taken the place of this classic, but there still remains a least 5 fully modified 2000GT's in Japan.  Tiger Tanaka has informed me that many of his female agents go out of their way to preserve and update these cars for their exclusive use. In fact if an agent every sees one of these cars driven by a woman in Japan there is a calculated 25% probability she is a secret service agent.-Q
Game Information:
PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
                                                  +1         3            60          131         ?          2           5        25,000
This car will likely only be encountered in Japan, in the hands of female agents.
Sources of description: Cartest Q-branch Classic-cars

Volvo 850

A 4 door sedan, which is a competently designed and is meant to compete with other luxury sedans such as Mercedes and SAAB. It features electronically controlled automatic transmission, ignition and fuel delivery. Also it has good manoeuvrability, classic lines, superior safety, and good performance. There are many Volvo drivers loyal to its classical traction and particular driving style. A solid automobile, which comes with complete options, a very good choice for discriminating buyers.

Q-Evaluation: The European criminal element tend to be a bit slicker and more sophisticated than stereotyped North American thugs. With this image comes the use of classier automobiles, such as the Volvo, instead of more generic sedans such as the Caprice classic. This is problematic for field agents, since escape from hoods equipped with these vehicles is difficult with out high performance sport cars or good driving skills.-Dr. Walter Cobbett.

Game information: Such vehicles will often be possessed by the opposition, driven by the major villain’s slick pony tailed suit wearing henchmen. The vehicle receives +1 EF on double back manoeuvres.

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
+1          3            70           130       330         3          7        20000

Volkswagen Eurovan

The body has that utility look, but fairly high aerodynamic efficiency. It has 4 wheel independent suspension, as well as an enormous inside volume with a sturdy build. Lastly it has good road handling, but little power making it useful for practical purposes only. Overall the van is durable with quality manufacturing.

Q-Evaluation: Besides its obvious utilitarian nature, Q-branch has chosen these vans as portable surveillance stations. Considerable amounts of technology can be stored and utilized with in these stations. These spy vans are capable of monitoring the progress of an entire commando team, and able to relay and analyse any intelligence that team may access. Such vans are usually manned by several STANO or computer specialists and a team leader, who usually is or was a field agent. These support teams are highly effective at co-ordinating the infiltration of institutions protected by high levels of security. This is usually accomplished by a combination of computer hacking and neutralizing key personal. Several well know teams are always on alert status, and have considerable experience in assisting in infiltration.-Dr. Jonathan Maclean.

Game Information: Movies are a good guide to what such vans are capable of now. The opening scene in True Lies is a good example, as is the infiltration of CIA head quarters in Mission Impossible. Computer specialists will likely have a PC=21+ in electronics, with many computer related fields of experience.

PM     RED     CRUS     MAX     RGE     FCE     STR     COST
-1       5        50      100     355     3        8     11000