Vehicle Modifications

Caltrip Thrower System
Dual Missile System
Electrical Defense System
Frequency Scanner
Jet Booster
Navigation Tracking/Warning Detection System
Parachute Breaking System
Radar System
Remote Control System (Phone)

Remote Control System (Small Remote)
Rocket Launcher Rack
Secret Compartment
Self-Inflating Tires
Titanium Armor
Twin AK-47 Machineguns
Torpedo Launcher

The following are new vehicle modifications that may be added to vehicles from Q branch.

  • Caltrip Thrower System - This device is hidden in the rear bumper of the vehicle and provides an excellent way to stop an unfriendly tail. When activated, the bumper opens to reveal 3 rows of steel, tetrahedron-shaped caltrips (so they always land point up), which can be thrown from the back of the car. If a car is following at close range, the caltrips will automatically destroy its tires (equivalent to a Kill). At medium range, the enemy must make a Trick roll to avoid the caltrips.

    If an unfriendly tail does not see the caltrips thrown from the car, he must make a Perception roll to notice the caltrips on the road. If successful, the enemy can then try to make the Trick roll. This modification requires half a Structure Point.

  • Dual Missile Launcher - This missile launcher is hidden within the vehicle, and it can fire two missiles. To use the missile launcher, the agent must use two rounds to aim, and if the agent is driving while aiming, he incurs a -1 PM. The Dual Missile Launcher requires two Structure Points.

    +4 L 1600 120

  • Electrical Defense System - The electrical defense system, when enabled, emits a strong electric shock to any unauthorized personnel attempting to force entry into the vehicle. The victim must succeed a Willpower roll, otherwise he is stunned. The electrical defense system requires half of a Structure Point.

  • Frequency Scanner - This electronic system is inserted into the vehicle's radio and it enables the agent to listen to all military and police frequencies (from the Aston Martin in the Living Daylights). The agent can also listen to his planted bugs if in range. The Frequency Scanner requires half of a Structure Point.

  • Jet Booster - This device can be added to any type of vehicle to provide a little extra get-away power. If a character uses the Jet Booster during a Pursue/Flee maneuver, he must do a Trick roll with a -2 PM modification. If the roll is successful, the vehicle gains three positions. If a character uses the jet booster for a jump, he needs a minimal distance to attempt the jump and the jump distance is multiplied by two. The jump is also considered a Trick maneuver with a +1 PM modification.

    Whenever a character uses the jet booster, he must make a WIL roll at EF 8, and if unsuccessful, he is stunned. If the character is not aware of the jet booster and uses it, the WIL roll has a -3 EF modification. If a crash occurs when the jet booster is used, the damages are increased by two classes. The jet booster requires two Structure Points.

    Note: This jet booster was based on the one described in the French version of the Goldfinger II module. In the French version, the Aston Martin Volante, which had a jet booster, was used instead of the Aston Martin DB-5.

  • Navigation Tracking/Warning Detection System - This new technological wonder provides the agent GPS-based navigation tracking wherever he is, and it also provides a real-time warning system to help the agent with upcoming dangers. This system uses a female voice, which we found male agents responded to significantly better during our tests. With this modification, an agent automatically can determine where he is and can add a +1 EF to every Driving skill roll. The navigation tracking and warning detection system requires one Structure Point.

  • Parachute Breaking System - The parachute breaking system consists of a parachute that ejects from the back of the car, which enables the vehicle to quickly reduce speed. It adds a +4 PM to a safety roll. An agent must drop the parachute after using it, so it can be used only once. The parachute breaking system requires one Structure Point.

  • Radar System - The radar system can pinpoint the location of all land (including water) vehicles within a 5-mile radius. It also enables an agent to track any previously planted homing device or tracer within the same radius. The radar system requires half a Structure Point.

    Radar System 1
    Radar System 2: Q Boat

  • Remote Control System (Phone) - This remote control system enables an agent to control the equipped car by using the remote control function of the modified Ericsson cellular phone (requires Electronic skill at a -1 EF). See the description of the Ericsson cellular phone for more information. This remote control system requires two Structure Points.

  • Remote Control System (Small Remote) - This remote control system enables an agent to operate a car by using a small remote (requires Electronic skill at a -1 EF). However, the agent must be able to see the car to control it properly, and the remote does not enable the agent to use any of the car's special gadgets. This remote control system requires one Structure Point.

  • Rocket Launcher Rack- The rocket launcher rack is conveniently concealed in a vehicles sunroof to provide more than a little air and sunshine. It contains twelve, 1.75-inch Free Flight Rockets. The rocket launcher rack requires two Structure Points.

  • Secret Compartment - The secret compartment (usually located in place of the glove compartment) provides a convenient way to hide items that an agent doesn't want to fall into the wrong hands. It comes equipped with a fingerprint-id locking mechanism, and it can hide a weapon (must have a Con -1 or less) and any other 12" x 2" x 2" object. The secret compartment requires half a Structure Point.

  • Self-Inflating Tires - The self-inflating tires are similar to the puncture proof tires, but these tires provide better functionality in exchange for less durability. Each tire provides protection from one puncture, or multiple punctures in the same round, from bullets, nails, caltrips, etc. Any LW wound level or higher produced by a puncture will activate the re-inflation. Once a tire is punctured, the hole is sealed and the tire is re-inflated. Punctures after the first will have the same results as on a normal tire. The self-inflating tires require half a Structure Point.

  • Titanium Armor - A new type of armor that provides the same protection of Level IV armor without the the weight penalties (there is no -1 PM modifier). And, because of it's light weight, titanium armor does not add to the Force rating of a vehicle. Titanium armor costs 20,000 Pounds per original Structure Point.

  • Torpedo Launcher - The torpedo launcher is specifically made for a small-size boat or submarine. It can launch only two torpedoes, one at a time, or both simultaneously. The Torpedo Launcher requires three Structure Points.

    +2 K 1875 375

  • Twin AK-47 Machineguns - This machinegun system is a updated version of the Twin .50 Caliber Machineguns. This new system boasts a modified version of the AK-47 machinegun, which is both more reliable and lighter than the .50 caliber. This modification requires one Structure Point.

    0 8 80 L 0-20 50-90 99


Translated from Olaf Krumscheid's web site: Le Jeu De Rôle. Minor additions/modifications from Paul Kasper.