Healing Rules
Here are some optional healing rules that you may want to use in your James Bond RPG campaign:
  • A Player Character can treat only a LW with First Aid. If successful, the LW is removed.
  • A character cannot heal simply through time without proper treatment (from a hospital or doctor). If a character is not treated, the following happens:
    • A LW becomes a MW in a week.
    • A MW becomes a HW in 1D6 days.
    • A character with a HW becomes Incapacitated in one day.
    • An incapacitated character dies in 1D6 hours.
  • If a character is treated, he can heal as stated in the current rules, "The normal, unattended healing process reduces the Wound Level by one over the period of a week (a Medium Wound becomes a Light Wound)."
  • If your Player Character is Killed, you can spend two Hero Points to have him found in time (if possible) and revived. The Player Character is assumed to be in a deep coma. If revived, the Player Character loses two points from their Characteristics, which is decided by the GM. A Player Character can be "revived" only once in his life. And, it is up to the GM if a Player Chacter can indeed be "revived." For example, a Player Character who is blown up or falls from a plane without a parachute cannot be brought back to the living.
  • The Hospitalization rules remain the same as described in the Basic Rules.

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Healing Rules

Translated from Olaf Krumscheid's web site: Le Jeu De Rôle. Minor additions/modifications from Paul Kasper.