Real Life Gadgets

    Many Bondian gadgets are in fact available to any customer with the money. Spymaster, a London shop sells goods via catalogue to private detectives, bodyguards, individuals, security services and the Ministry of Defence. Here are some examples of what the real life James Bonds of todays world would use:

This hand-carved wooden pen  (left) is in fact a disguised UHF transmitter with a range of up to 800 metres

This digital watch (right) has a lens built into its face and can take upto 7 pictures. The briefcase contains a complete mobile developing kit

This covert surveillance camera (left) has autofocus and 72x zoom. It can be hidden inside a boxfile, in an apparently-discarded drinks bottle (as shown) and was once used hidden in a cowpat to spy on a farmer from his back garden. There are also remote-control versions



These covert video glasses were originally developed for use by investigative agencies and now in use with Police departments, Private Detectives, Government and Military Agencies as well as many major Network and television broadcast studios. Built-in fet amplified microphone to record every sound as well as perfectly focused colour image.

These binoculars (right) allow you to see 8km in a full moon and 2000m in darkness. They are also fully waterproof and buoyant.


This military torch (left) has an incredible 6 million candlepower. The spread of its beam can be controlled, and it provides enough light from 6km away to read a newspaper

These safes (above) are cunningly concealed as drinks cans. Available for 19

This pen (below) is in fact a miniaturised bug detector

These glasses are specially mirrored to allow an operative to see behind. Available for 20.

This bag of shark repellant (right) would have been ideal for Bond in Thunderball and Never Say Never Again

This (left) is 700-worth of vest. As you'd expect for that price, it defends you from all handguns up to .44 Magnum, and contains anti-stab inserts allowing it to reach all worldwide standards.



These items are all available from Spymaster. Some can be ordered online