AES Applet

Below is an applet which implements the new Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). It appears twice because my browser doesn't like Swing components. The first is Swing compatible, the second uses the older style. Hopefully one will suit your browser. Please find a link to a servlet version of this and a link to the source at the bottom of this page.

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Keys must be entered in hex digits of lengths 32, 48 or 64. The ciphertext is blocked into 32 digit hex blocks. This can be pasted directly into an e-mail and sent to someone who shares the key with you. I leave it up to users to create their own keys. Maybe later I might add another applet that generates random keys (I will if anyone requests it).


This is a version without Swing for people who havn't updated (or can't figure it out - like me). It should work exactly the same.

Please be very careful with this applet. It only serves to demonstrate AES. Do not use it to encrypt data, the loss of which would be costly to you. There are many security products (e.g. PGP) that should be used for sensitive data. Have fun with this applet though! The source is available here.

If your browser didn't work, try this sevlet version .

Ronan Killeen
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