World Cup Japan and Korea 2002 - Photos

Find some of the pics I took in Japan on this page. I have reduce the quality a little so they download faster - but they can still be a bit slow. Let me know if you have photos of your world cup experience (wherever you watched it) an I'll put them up here.

How to contact me

Please contact me by email at

What is this site about?

I originally designed this website to showcase the applets and other programs written during my four years in college. Unfortunately due to a server error, the entire site was deleted during the summer, and I have only a backup for part of it.

I will try to replace the other information and resources over time (if I can remember what I used to have on the site). But for now the links below are all that I have.

What this site has to offer

My final year project, RSA: Hacking and Cracking is available on this site. It contains information concerning the ongoing research into the security of the most widespread public key cryptosystems, RSA. I created the webpage to act as a log of my work during the course of the year. The finished report is also available to download.

Last year the competiotion to design the new encryption standard, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), was concluded. The winner was called Rijndael (more information available from the NIST website and the Rijndael homepage). As part of my Computer and Internet Security class, I had to implement this symmetric algorithm. I placed the result in the form of a servlet. Please try it out.

Please find my CV here. Updated 23/10/2002