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    Welcome to!  This is the  place to be when you  are boozin' and blazin', or you just want to have a good laugh!  Make sure to bookmark this page so you can get here when you are messed up.  It's pretty hard to spell 'intoxicated' then..... Use the links below to get to that part of the site.  

The High Place Store! - Yes, it's true! Finally an online store with a cool name! (And very cool stuff too...check it out.)

Have Fun! - This section will contain some trippy stuff.  There are some weird backgrounds, pictures, etc.  Have fun with your high here.

Ebonics Converter - Type in any word in english and see its "ebonical" conversion!

FREE contest and give-aways - This section will have a bunch links to places where you can win cool prizes and MONEY! I've found only the best of the best and placed them here. The total amount in prizes comes to be over 25+ Million Dollars!

Toke and Search - The web's ONLY, "TOKE and SEARCH", search engine! Check it's actually pretty accurate too!

Serious Problems - Drinking and other drugs are no joke.  If you feel you have a problem or other people are telling you that you have a problem go here to find help.

Make Money - Want to make a little extra cash online without have to watch those stupid little banner ads?  Go here.

My Homepage - Find out about me, the creator of this site.

Other links - Go here to find other great links!

   By the way, is for sale for $100,000+.   I can get the dibs on commission for this.  Email me at if you are a potential buyer, or you know someone who is thinking of buying this domain.  There is a $500-$1000 reward if you or the person you referred buys the domain.

F***ed up Test | Have Fun | Contests | Problems | Other Links

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