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Website Highlights -  2008 Calendar posted, November and December socials announced.

InKy Socials -  (11/13/07 - 6:30 p.m.) Need help figuring out those pesky puzzle caches?  Join krnlkilr for a puzzling solving network social at Ryan's Steakhouse on Bardstown Road.  

(1/29/07 - 6:30 p.m.) Ladies, we have just what you've been waiting for, an event all about the women!  We had a blast at our first PMS event.  That's right, the group is called PMS.  We will explain later.  So leave the kids and hubby at home and join us at Lynn's Paradise Cafe.

(1/14/07 - 7:00 p.m.) We will be popping the cork at our Annual Holiday Celebration hosted by Daggy & Deermark.  
Everyone is welcome.  If you didn't pick up an invitation at the last social, please contract Daggy or Deermark for directions.  A $10 gift exchange is optional.  Adults only please.  

InKy Socials - The 2008 InKy social calendar is open and ready to be filled.  InKy socials are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  Each month's event is hosted by an InKy member at a local location.  The theme and location are at the host's discretion.

Basic rules are you can't change the date and the location needs accessible rest room.  Click here for an upcoming event schedule or to schedule hosting an event.

Tanks for the Memories or Not   

Moments of Tom - (new moment 2/2/07)  LumberjackTom, InKy's resident poet shares his commemorative ramblings for special people or events.  See all of Tom's Moments.

Cache Rescue Program - The cache rescue program is dedicated to assuring quality caches in the InKy area.  Volunteers will rescue abandoned cache and find an owner to adopt the cache.  To report an abandoned cache or for additional information, click here.

Archiving Imminent - If you are planning to archive a cache in the near future let us know.  InKy will post notification on the website so cachers have the opportunity to hunt the cache prior to archiving.  Emergency archives do not need to be posted.  To post a pending archive, click here.

Who's Who and Who's New!  

Welcome new cachers - InKy welcomes all new cachers to the area. Please join us at one of our InKy Social Events and get to know other cachers in the area.

Member Profile -

Cache, Lies and Velcro Tape!  

Milestones -  Congratulations to Show Me the Cache hits an unbelieable 10,000, Daggy who hit 8,000 in New Orleans, L'il Al grabbed her 5,000 find, Smee3 and Kayak-Cowboy hit 2,000 finds and Tripleader finds his 1,000th cache.

Tools, Schools and Rules!  

Cache Monitoring Program - This program assists the Indiana Admin in insuring caches placed in our area are safe and are rated appropriately.  Local cachers can report issues with an area cache through the InKy web site.  An InKy volunteer will visit the cache and recommend changes to the Indiana Admin.  To report cache issues, click here.

Indiana DNR Policy - Indiana DNR has enacted geocaching policies for caches placed in Indiana State Parks.  To see current policy, click here.

Hikes, hypes and gripes!

Profile - Update your profile!  Keeping your profile current helps other members in the association get to know you and helps us track each other.






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