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Willie continues to grow and we continue to love him more each day.  Here are some photos of Willie in his first snow, our Christmas card photo and Willie getting into the Christmas Spirit!   We went away this past weekend and couldn't bring Willie (he goes everywhere else with us) and the grandparents watched him and Ali.  Now my Mom misses him so much - they had a ball!   He is still so affectionate and keeps us laughing.

Willie continues to warm our hearts.  We don't know what we'd do without him.  He is my shadow, my best bud and still sleeps with me every night.  Thanks for bringing him into our lives.

There is no way for us to know exactly what Willie is. He was found sitting in front of somebody's door wanting to come inside, his little ribs showing from not having had enough to eat. He has a shepherd-like muzzle and tail but other than that, it is anyone's guess. We have classified him as medium size as an adult but there is no way to know if he will get bigger than that. He is fairly fine-boned, but anything is possible with a mixed breed puppy.

Willie is about 14 weeks old and weighs 14 pounds (Oct 19). He is an absolutely adorable and friendly little guy. He gives puppy kisses very freely and loves to sit in laps and snuggle. He was loaded with road dirt and desperately needed a bath. He was very cooperative and let us give him a thorough scrubbing. Even though he was a little overwhelmed by all of the big dogs when he first came into his foster home, he was brave and befriended them quickly.

Willie has been neutered, microchipped and has had his first distemper shot.