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Historical Pictures from the NIH FD


Members of the Department:

 With Engine in front of Building #1:

oldnih2a.jpg (219518 bytes)     oldnih10a.jpg (234056 bytes)

With Engine in front of fire station:

oldnih12a.jpg (256904 bytes)

With Glen Echo VFD Ladder Truck 11:

oldnih11a.jpg (238322 bytes)


Station and Apparatus:

Ambulance at the fire station:

oldnih14a.jpg (203588 bytes)

Haz-Mat, Engine and Rescue at the fire station:

oldnih15a.jpg (194815 bytes)



Medical call:

oldnih1a.jpg (45599 bytes)     oldnih4a.jpg (222056 bytes)     oldnih3a.jpg (202898 bytes)


Members Training:

Firefighting Cart at Building 10 (Clinical Center):

oldnih5a.jpg (201132 bytes)

Firefighters training on placing smoke ejector at Bldg. 10

oldnih6a.jpg (108531 bytes)

Firefighters training on new MSA Breathing Apparatus:

oldnih7a.jpg (218471 bytes)


Fire Extinguisher Inspections:

Firefighters performing extinguisher inspections:

oldnih13a.jpg (219267 bytes)


Fire Alarm Communications Center:

Firefighter receiving emergency phone call:

oldnih8a.jpg (213101 bytes)

Firefighter checking the fire alarm punch tape:

oldnih9a.jpg (117053 bytes)


Mass Casualty exercise at the Clinical Center:

oldnih17a.jpg (268596 bytes)     oldnih18a.jpg (247635 bytes)


Firefighting Apparatus:

Engine 511 (Pirsch):

oldnih16a.jpg (246007 bytes)