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Methods Of Preparation

Baste is to moisten a food while cooking it, usually by brushing or pouring melted butter, cooked meat 
drippings, or another liquid over it.

Beat is to mix one or more ingredients vigorously with a spoon, an eggbeater, or an electric mixer.

Blanch is to precook or preheat a food in boiling water or steam for a short time.

Braise is to cook meat slowly in a small amount of liquid in a tightly covered pan.

Bread is to coat a food with breadcrumbs, cracker crumbs, or crushed breakfast cereal before cooking.

Brown is to cook a food quickly, often in a small amount of fat, until the food turns golden-brown.

Cream is to mix one or more ingredients with a spoon or an electric mixer until the mixture becomes soft and creamy.

Dice is to cut into small cubes.Fold is to add an ingredient to a mixture by gently turning one part 
over another with strokes of a flexible spatula or scraper.

Glaze is to give a shiny appearance to food by coating it with a sauce, syrup, or another liquid.

Grate is to shred a food by rubbing it against a grater.

Grease is to lightly coat the inside of a pan with butter, shortening, or other fat.

Marinate is to soak a food in a seasoned liquid to enhance its flavor and texture.

Pare is to cut the peel or outer covering off a food.

Poach is to simmer a food in water or another liquid.

Puree is to form a paste from a food, usually by cooking it and then pressing it through a sieve 
or whipping it in a blender.

Saute is to fry a food in a small amount of fat until it turns golden- brown.

Skim is to remove the top layer from a liquid food, such as removing fat from soup.

Whip is to beat food rapidly to add air and increase volume.