Wel come to HINDU. If you are here with the curiosity to know "What actually you are?" than you have come to the right place. Because HINDU is not just religion but it is the science which provides solution to each and every problem of humanbeing and leads to the GOD (far beyond the science we are studying in school and colleges). All most all things that have been discovered by old Hindu saints (about human body, universe and any other mistries), todays great, top most scientists can not even think to research about those searches. Than also instead of keeping faith in Hindu science, why Hindus run for hopeless morden science which can not do anything more than making nuclear bombs, spaceships, softwares full of bugs. Which can not even show the correct way to live, instead throws humanbieng in troubles. What morden science has gifted to human is frustration and anxiety from which he can never come out!

At present here only few things are available because the site is under construction. But very soon you will find lot of topics related to Hindu science,

Articles, GOD photographs or any other contribution is appreciated from visitors to build this huge site, trying to cover all the topics in Hindu science(science of world).

If you have suggestions, queries, articles related to this site, please E-mail me. Your sent articles will shurely be put up on the web.

Thank you.

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