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Shirley Raye and Bill Murphree
(more about Shirley Raye below poster)

The Traditional Country Hall of Fame was proud to add Shirley Raye to its list of inductees on August, 31, 2005. Shirley is one the "true ladys" who helped create and preserve that traditional music sound we all love.

Shirley Raye's first love was singing country music. Born in Alabama and raised in a Christian home by parents who disapproved of country music, Shirley had to make excuses to leave the house in order to pursue her love.

Shirley's first TV appearance was in Decatur, AL when Carlos White hired her at the early age of 13 as the female singer for his band, Circle 23 Jamboree, Decatur, AL.

Displaying her spunk and determination that have served Shirley throughout her life, she pretended to stay with a friend and kept her stage clothes at the train station in Nashville in order to appear on the Grand Ole Opry. She later started working with Country Boy Eddie out of Birmingham alongside Tammy Wynette

Her big break came when Marty Robbins, taking her under his wing, became her mentor. Marty bought her first stage clothes for the road and was instrumental in procuring her first record contract. Shirley became associated with the major artists in country music, opening shows for Bill Anderson, The Statler Brothers, Hank Thompson, Ernest Tubb, Bill Monroe, Billy Walker, and many others.

In the late 50's, she worked shows with Red Foley in the Ozark Jubilee, and eventually started working exclusively with Conway Twitty. Shirley was offered a major contract with Chet Atkins, but due to marital conflict, felt the need to decline.

Shirley has worked in every state with the exception of Alaska and has performed on five continents. A true entertainer, Shirley never fails to captivate her audience with her remarkable energy and vivacity. With her strong, clear voice, Shirley has been known to convert non-country music fans to country music enthusiasts. But Shirley's talent does not end with singing; she has also written several songs, inc luding "Candice", which she is often requested to perform.

After a difficult divorce, Shirley began to endure severe health problems. Due to her incredible perseverance, strong will, and faith in God, Shirley rebounded and, while still battling health issues, has been performing with her back up band, the Brothers n Others for the past twenty years.

She is now happily married to Bill Murphree. The couple currently resides in Decatur, AL, where they sing and record together. Mike Headrick, who began playing steel guitar with Shirley during her days with Marty Robbins and Conway Twitty, is now producing their CDs under Country Discovery labels. In Shirley's opinion, Mike has one of the most brilliant minds found in the music industry, which is evident in the production of Shirley and Bill's latest recording.

To listen to their latest CD, "Feeling is Believing," go to cdbaby.com and towerrecords.com. ­ Vickie Swinney

28th JANUARY 2007 AT 4.00PM
Charley Groth (pronounced Groat) is amazing.  We have had the privilege of having Charley staying with us for the past four days.  He hailes from Florida and spends a lot of his time touring the world..... Norway, Scotland, New Zealand etc, and practically every State in America.  Playing Bluegrass, Country, Blues, Jazz etc.  25th January he was in Feilding with Terry Smith (Nashville) and Bob and Sheila Everhart (Iowa).  26th and 27th January playing at Putaruru with Terry, Bob and Sheila.  Then he comes back to us playing at the Waterfront at Raumati Beach (above Poster).

Bob and Sheila are going to come back to New Zealand in January 2008,  Charley is going to come back in April 2008.  I don't know if or when Terry Smith has any plans to come back yet but really hope that he does.  Either separately or together Terry and Charley playing and singing is a must to see.  

OK folks ... that's it.  I would have put the Posters on our site for the two nights at the Paraparaumu RSA on here but .... sorry ... I forgot (been too busy).  But 2008 will see some of these wonderful musicians and singers back.

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About Highland Country  :

We are Highland Country, a Duo in New Zealand and have been playing together for going on ten years now.  Tom Calder on the Accordion and me, Christine Down playing rhythm guitar.

Our range of music covers Scottish, Irish, Country, Rock 'n Roll, 60's & 70's, Old Time and Ballroom.  Playing for RSA's, Dance Clubs, the Wellington Gaelic Club every month, and for the past  five years have been playing for the Scots, Shetland and Highland Balls in the Wellington/Kapiti Coast area.

Have a look at Tom's Page Information on his Dolante and Bugari accordions and all about the Ketron Soltons that he uses.  Also have a listen to some of the Scottish Jigs and Reels that he is putting together on Midi.

On Chris's Page you can find Lyrics and Midi's to her favourite songs ( listen and sing along at the same time).

If you are over here, or coming over to New Zealand have a look at Chris's 2011/2010/2009/2008/2007/2006/2005/2004/2003 Booking Sheets.  Better still, send us a message on our Contact Us and we will be happy to meet up with you sometime.

Do you want to know what the programme is when we play at the Dance Clubs?  If you do then go into What it's all about I am hoping to put the programmes on at least two weeks before the Dances.