Introducing the Cambridge Z88

The Cambridge Z88 is a unique computer for several reasons.

For the first time in a machine of its size and portability it offers you a powerful productivity tool, PipeDream, capable of tackling the most demanding applications and providing all the capabilities normally only obtained by working with separate programs on much larger computers; it combines in one program most facilities provided by the best word processors, database programs, and spreadsheets.

To complement PipeDream, the Cambridge Z88 comes complete with a range of utility programs, designed to anticipate any task you might wish to perform in the home or office; these include a clock, calculator, diary and organiser, and an alarm reminder.

The Cambridge Z88 also avoids the problems of storing documents and applications long-term by providing battery-powered circuitry which will retain all the information in the computer for over a year while it is switched off. The batteries also maintain the correct time and date in an internal clock and calendar.

In addition, communication with larger computers is catered for by built-in transfer programs.

In no time, the Cambridge Z88 will revolutionise your life by making it possible for you to work with the to~s you need, wherever and whenever you want.


Power Source: 4 x AA Alkaline Cells (MN15OO, LR6) providing 20 hours of use.

AC Mains adaptor (6.5 v DC ilO%), 500 mA, centre positive.

Weight: 900 g (1.98 lb).

Dimensions: 294 mm (L) x 210 mm (D) x 23 mm (H) (111/2 IX 61/41 x

Keyboard: QWERTY, 64 keys including INDEX, MENU, and HELP.

Sound: Miniature loudspeaker, used for alarm or warning.

Serial I/O port: R5232, connector 9-way 'D' female.

Memory Cards: Unique to Cambridge Z88 (concurrent, 4M Bytes address range).

Operating Temprature 0c to 40c (32T to 104T).

Microprocessor: CMOS Z8OA

Internal Memory: RAM CMOS 32K Bytes

ROM CMOS 128K Bytes

Internal options allow the use of up to 512K RAM and 512K ROM in future machines.

Memory cards Slots 1, 2, or 3 IM Byte per card maximum

Slot 3 also programs EPROM cards.

CMOS RAM: Random Access Memory. Data retained while machine is powered. CMOS EPROM: Erasable, Programmabel, Read-Only Memory Datra Retention measured in years. Card can be removed from Cambridge Z88 withoutdata loss. Eraser available from Home Electronics Service

Last updated Feb 25, 2000