We have the following hardware and software for you QL needs:

Super Hermes - All of the features of HERMES, plus IBM compatible Keyboard Interface, high speed RS232 (SER3) from 1200 upto 3800BPS,, three low speed RS232 inputs (serial mouse, RTTY, etc), and 1.5k user data storage in EPROM, and a lot more. This with full cable set.


The regular HERMES is also still available


Minerva - The all time best selling replacement ROM, for the QL. Be able to multi-task SuperBasic Programs, do soft resets of the computer, use a dual screen, have greatly improved speed on all operations of the computer, use a dual screen, MDV date stamping, plus the elimination of many of the bugs in the earlier ROM versions. This comes as an EPROM on its' own small board to replace the two ROM Chips presently in you QL.


There is also an MK2, which has all of the above. plus a battery backed up 256bytes RAM, crash proof clock, I2C bus for interfacing, can auto-boot from battery backed RAM and has a quick start-up.


68008 PROCESSOR CHIP - Replacement Rhip.


8049 CHIP - Replacement Chip.


8302 CHIP - Replacement Chip


8301 CHIP- Replacement Chip


Ql KEYBOARD MEMBRANES - Replacement Membranes


QL Power Supply


QBIDE Hard Drive interface


QPLANE Powered Backplane


QPC - A QL on an IBM PC


Many hardware and software articles too numerous to mention.

If you have a need for something email or phone for details.

Last updated Feb 25, 2000