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Favorite CALL Links


These are my favorite sites on the World Wide Web. 







CALL Favorites

bulletDave's ESL Cafe A fun web site for students and teachers alike.  This site offers a multitude of CALL resources. Check out the Job center to learn about jobs all over the world. Visit a chat room.  Or enter Dave's Idea Cookbook and learn hundreds of ideas for your classroom. Try to cook up Dave's Pictionary For The Ears.  This is a fun activity that allows students a chance to describe pictionary images without saying their actual label.  Dave's ESL cafe is just the place to take an ESL coffee break!
bulletESL Through Music  A web site for teachers that has lots of lesson plans at different skill levels.  This site also features a Materials section that recommends specific tapes, cd's and songbooks for ESL learners.  Additionally, supporting articles are available.
bulletRandall's Cyber Listening Lab Students can listen to short conversations and then complete listening comprehension activities.
bulletConnection to the world. A Peace Corp sponsored web site that hopes to promote cross-cultural understanding.  This site is for all teachers and provides lots of insightful lessons that provide images of the "real" world and works to bridge the gap between cultures.  The lessons are standards/age based.
bulletFunBrain  Funbrain is an interactive site for elementary teachers and their students.  Check out activities in the links to lessons on Numbers, Words, Universe and Culture. There is also a Quiz Lab, where teachers can assign students quizes and have the results e-mailed back to them!
bulletNASA for Kids  What an amazing site!  Designed to give students real life images of NASA and space, this site offers hundreds of activities for students to see and hear simulations of space travel.
bulletWelcome to Imagination Voyages--an ESL Experience in Travel Simulation Students can plan a trip to the Grand Canyon and while doing so can work on their speaking skills!  Students must work together to plan this trip, taking into account their budget, accomodation choices, sightseeing adventures and travel mode. An excellent site to get students talking!
bullet This site is for everyone.  It is packed full of interesting material and simualtions for young and old around the world.  Visit the Kids Section and go white water rafting : or complete other National Geographic On-Line Adventures for Kids like visiting the Congo, Wildfires, Mummies Tombs, The Rainforest or Shark Safari. The images are incredible and there are many opportunities for teachers to connect these experiences with lesson plans. Don't miss National Geographic's Brown Bear Video Gallery  and National Geographic's Way West