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Software Reviewed By:  _____Heidi Brown

Title of Software: ______Reader Rabbitís First Grade_________________

Product name

____ Reader Rabbitís First Grade _________



Platform / Operating system

Win 3.x  Win95  Win98  WinNT  Win2000  MAC UNIX  Other
  Specify: __WinXP_________________

ESL/EFL Level(s):     Basic   Low Intermediate   Intermediate  High Intermediate  Advanced
(Click all that apply.)

Age group:     kindergarten   elementary grades  middle grades  high school  college age  adult interest
(Click all that apply.)

Type of Program:
Check all that apply.

Problem Solving  Drill and Practice  Simulation Informational   Game Student Tool  Teacher Tool ESL-Specific Non-ESL Specific  Testing  Text Reconstruction  Text Construction  Exploratory activities
Other: __math, science and art skills are also reinforced____________________________

User friendliness:

not at all somewhat average good excellent

English Language Areas Covered:
Check all that apply.

Reading   Speaking  Writing  Vocabulary  Grammar  Listening   Cultural Competence  Computer
Conversational  Other: ___________________________

What does the program try to accomplish?

Reader Rabbitís 1st Grade offers 12 activities that help to reinforce early skills in literacy, math, science, problem solving and art. Although this software is geared toward 1st graders, the content is taxing for newcomers.This software is best used with young ESL students who have reached a low intermediate or intermediate skill level in English.

Pedagogical considerations--Program Operation:
How easy is the software to use?   Consider 2 of the criteria on the right?


  • The program is easy to open and log into.Help is available easily by clicking on the different characters.Tasks can be repeated for clarification.  The program functions and instructions are easy to follow and cause little frustration. One area of concern is the voices of the characters are not always clear and this could cause confusion/frustration for ESL students.
  • The learner can move from lesson to lesson easily as well as go back to previous material.This was not immediately evident though and I found out how to do so by trial and error.
  • The learner can control the program (the options he/she chooses), but they must finish a task before they can move on to another one.
  • The student can quit the program at any time and save work completed up until that time. The studentís work can be saved and then they can log on again at another time and retrieve their work.
  • A skill chart graphs tracks the students progress through the activities but does not take into account how many tries it took them to get the correct answer.
  • It is not possible to modify or customize this software.This program does not have an authoring function and does not allow for the instructor to add his own text into the program.

Pedagogical considerations--Feedback:
How does the software program evaluate the learner's response? 

  • Reader Rabbit 1st Grade provides feedback for both correct and incorrect responses. The feedback given for incorrect responses is minimal and the learner most probably corrects the error through trial and error until they get it right.The program does not flag repeated errors and the learner is given unlimited chances to get the answer correct.The learner could repeat the exercises but would have to log on under a new name.The program does not keep track of total time spent on the different exercises.

Pedagogical Considerations--Content
Consider the criteria on the right.

Well organized Well sequenced  Enjoyable
Interesting   Factually correct  Helps learning
Provides effective practice  Introduces new language understandably  Provides meaningful interaction between computer & learner  Provides communicative interaction between students     Creates challenge without anxiety
Free of excessive violence  Free of stereotypes
Takes advantage of computer's unique capability 
Comments: Explain some of the content features above in more detail.

Pedagogical considerations--Program Output
Consider the criteria on the right.

Attractive screens
Attractive Graphics
Attractive Sounds

Print option available